Ramblings, Vol. 46

(Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)
A Petter Granberg sighting with cameo appearances from Vinny Saponari and Zac Larraza? This is photographic magic. (Photo Credit: Scott Paulus)

Happy Wednesday and a welcome back to Ramblings after a small break. A storyline I wanted to write about this week was just how painfully show the off-season has been in terms of roster movement for both the Nashville Predators organization as well as those due to sign elsewhere that played a part of the Milwaukee Admirals last season. Swerve, Petter Granberg ended up being signed yesterday to provide a slight bit of excitement in an otherwise dead quiet time.

When I brought up the Granberg news it was merely a reported news story. The official press release came an hour or so after that. To reiterate the details of that signing it is a two-year deal that is a two-way contract for the upcoming 2016-17 season worth $575,000 (NHL) and $175,000 (AHL). It then kicks up to a one-way contract valued at $650,000 (NHL) for the 2017-18 season.

As for everyone else in arbitration land? It’s still rather quiet. According to the Predators handy dandy off-season schedule the window for arbitration hearings is right now with a deadline for arbitration decisions on August 6th. I’m sure the Predators quiet off-season, outside of that one particular trade you might have heard of, points towards their goal of player retention. So, a quiet free agent market should mean the RFA’s that they had are being treated as their free agents. Of note for Admirals fans I suspect Stefan Elliott would probably be eyeing up a rather similar deal that came yesterday for Granberg given his numbers compared to that of Granberg’s. At the very least one of those should end up in Milwaukee to start next season.


I touched on it very briefly on social media the day of but wanted to expand on it even more today. It’s now been beyond a calendar year since the Milwaukee Admirals rebranding took place with the new logos, colors, and uniforms. I asked through a poll what the initial thoughts or grades were from you fans about the new look at that came back with 70.43% out of 230 votes as an A. Now that it has been a year I’m curious how you feel it has held up.

My initial reaction to the look wasn’t enthusiastic. I loved the previous look with the playful logo and simple color palate. After really looking at the uniforms and how the logo really played into all previous Admirals logos that came before it? I was won over. After watching them on-ice for an entire season? I’m completely sold. I still love that the Admirals are one of these rare breed AHL teams that have their own unique identity opposed to teams that borrow from their NHL parent clubs.

With the AHL rule changes coming in this season that will see the Admirals uniforms switch from white to navy after the Christmas break I’m also reminded that the alternate uniform being baby-blue delightfully neutral. If I had any complaint to last year’s rebranding though? It was the Admirals alternate uniform being exactly the same as it was with the exception of the paint bucket tool splashing navy where the black was – as well as inverting the colors on the name and number font to give broadcasters headaches everywhere. It’s not that it is a bad uniform, it was highly popular, it’s just that if you were going to do a rebrand with new logos you really should stay true to that and not keep some inbetweener such as the current Admirals alternate. If the new rule change means adding more color to the home team uniforms? I say an upgraded baby-blue alternate would be a welcome complement to the AHL’s rule change.

That’s enough polls for one post I’d say. Until the next Ramblings (or preferably a news story) I wish you all a pleasant Wednesday. If it has been a rubbish work week, good news, there are only 94 days (3 months, 2 days) until the Milwaukee Admirals home opener at the UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena. …we’re slowly getting there.


The Nashville Predators decided to up the tempo of enthusiasm by officially re-signing Calle Järnkrok this afternoon as well as sign free agent defenseman Matt Carle.

Järnkrok’s deal is incredibly team friendly: six-years, $12 million contract. The breakdown of the contract goes: $1.7 million (2016-17), $1.8 million (2017-18), $2.1 million (2018-19), $2.2 million (2019-21), and $2 million (2021-22). For further discussion on the deal I suggest giving Jeremy K. Gover‘s story, here, a read.

As for Carle? That’s a story worth covering in full for tomorrow because there is now a bit of a stacking up of defensive players topside that might be trickling down to Milwaukee that might also detour prospective talents down to the ECHL. I’ll leave that as a teaser for now.

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