Poll: Grade The Admirals New Look


A full day has passed since the Milwaukee Admirals unveiled their brand new identity. For some that is still not enough time for the logos, colors, or uniforms to sink in. To be honest, I might even still be in the boat waiting to see how the team will look like when they take the ice in the new uniforms. I think everything looks pretty sharp. I just need that kicker to make it feel like that’s well and truly the Admirals.

The word I heard so often from the higher ups in the Admirals front office was that it is an evolution of the previous look. They’re absolutely right. It’s honestly not that different from what the Admirals had before but different enough that it pops and feels very vibrant.

When considering how each step in the Admirals logo history has been very drastic this one somehow manages to meet that without hitting you over the back of the head. I really feel from a design perspective that’s like threading a needle.

So what then of a grade? For me, the pro’s far outweigh the con’s across the entire board of what the team has hauled out. My initial reaction was mixed. Some time has passed and it has already grown on me. My grade for right now is a B and I think it’ll go up once the team takes to the ice.

What is your grade? What are your likes and dislikes about the Milwaukee Admirals rebranding? Are there anythings you would like to see changed, tweaked, or removed?

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10 thoughts on “Poll: Grade The Admirals New Look”

  1. I was super excited at the possibilities of a new baby blue 3rd jersey. Disappointed it stays the same. That MA logo is like staring at some optical puzzle. If either letter were the grey color maybe, that would help tremendously. Like the new primary that is on the chest.

  2. I agree with you Daniel, about the mess of bones. That is what it looks like to me. A mess. If I did not know that it was from the Admirals, I would have no clue it is supposed to be letters.

  3. Overall I’m happy with it. Even though I agree that the third jersey should have incorporated a new logo and not the old one, I still gave them an A. I was plesantly surprised with what they unveiled and really like it all. The “mess of bones” is sort of a mess. I agree with Vlad that I saw the M and A immediately when seeing it, but in passing I think it may confuse the casual fan. I’m also really loving the road jerseys. I think the blues make it look real sharp. I’m hoping/assuming the third jerseys won’t be worn too much. I’m also hoping that the center ice logo isn’t the skating skeleton. They better use one of the new logos at center ice!

  4. This is the Skeletor logo. We had our Cap’n Crunch era. We are now in the Skeletor era. In fact, I hope when the Ads move out of the BC, we refer to their new home as Grayskull Castle (ya, I don’t care that He-Man lived there).

  5. I agree with Steve, road blue is great. 3rd jersey eh. Hope to see the new logo front and center

  6. looks good to me why not have the nashville logo on the shoulder alot of ahl teams have it

  7. Why put out a 3rd jersey, when people still have to buy the new jersey. Wait a couple years. Then you’ll get you new 3rd jersey… about 3 years.

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