Summer Ramblings, Vol. 13

(Photo Credit: John Russell)
Hate Mondays? Here is a photo of Mark Van Guilder playing his first career game in the NHL to cheer you up! (Photo Credit: John Russell)

Happy Monday, Roundtable. The news-train remains a wee bit slow for the time being but there have been some happenings worthy of talking about.

~The AHL Schedule Due Date~

The wait for the American Hockey League’s schedule to finally be unveiled might be on the horizon soon. There typically is a wait for the AHL thanks in small part to a thing called the NBA (where they play hoop ball and basket slam n’ such). The good news there is that they released their schedule this past Wednesday. Expect a bit of a wait to cross reference dates between teams that share arenas, such as the Milwaukee Admirals and Bucks relationship, before the AHL schedule gets released as well. My expectation would be around the Labor Day weekend – or thereabouts.

~Cincinnati Cyclones Bring Back Two~

Last Thursday our pals down at the ECHL level brought back forward Byron Froese and defenseman David MacDonald on one-year deals. This means yet more of the the squad that made it all the way to the ECHL Kelly Cup Finals remains on-board for the 2014-15 season. Remember – goaltender and ECHL Kelly Cup MVP Rob Madore, who signed with the Milwaukee Admirals this off-season, should be the Cyclones starter in net.

The signing that excites me the most between those two is the re-signing of Froese. His offensive numbers in the playoff run for the Cyclones last season were fantastic: 25 points (8 goals, 17 assists) in 23 games. In 25 regular season games for the Cyclones he produced 21 points (11 goals, 10 assists) compared to his AHL numbers for the Rockford IceHogs, only 5 assists in 28 games. He’s still just 23-years old. With a steady enough run for the Cyclones again he could make a leap back up to the AHL ranks.

~ALS Ice Bucket Challenge~

The recent ALS Ice Bucket Challenge movement has been wonderful. Not only for the fun of seeing people endure the ice bath but the charitable cause that originated it. So far, the Milwaukee Admirals as a group have been doing their part for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Here are some of my favorites that have been done so far: Roscoe, Mark Van Guilder and the entire Milwaukee Admirals front office, Scott Valentine, Colton Sissons, and Jonathan-Ismael Diaby.

Great stuff! And, with some of those challenged by those Admirals, we might still see a few more to come.

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