The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

The Milwaukee Admirals have been doing their part for ALS awareness by not only doing the Ice Bucket Challenge as a group – but they are also willing to donate $50 to the cause for any other AHL front office that participates. Who has stepped up to the plate so far? Why none other than Milwaukee’s four division rivals Grand Rapids GriffinsRockford IceHogs, Chicago Wolves and Iowa Wild.

That’s all really fantastic. Then came time for those Pesky Ads to call out myself, and fellow Roundtable writer Jason Karnosky, out by name in a challenge by Sir Charles of Larson (VP of Communications). Not only did we accept this challenge but we have also both made it a point to donate to the ALS Association whilst getting cold for your entertainment.

My challenges went to: Gerald Meerschaert III (middle school friend and current MMA fighter – accepted via Facebook), Porscha Kae (interned with the Admirals last season – therefore perfect candidate – accepted via YouTube), and Juuso Puustinen (who, because I fail at linguistics in the video, currently plays for HIFK in Finland… not the Milwaukee Admirals… it’d be Finnish-ly fun if he still did though – accepted via Instagram).

Jason’s challenges are directed to: John Pick-Jacobs (his good friend, Milwaukee native, and sports medicine extraordinaire), Michael Seely (childhood friend of his currently living in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. where he could really use an Ice Bucket Challenge to cool off), and Daver Karnosky (his brother and fellow hockey writer).

Additionally, Admirals Roundtable founder Ryan Miller got into the act with a priceless rendition that included his son Evan:

Roundtable readers, we all challenge you to participate – or at the very least hope you do your part for ALS research.

5 thoughts on “The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge”

  1. He wasn’t a very good writer. That’s probably the direction the league is going in, but I have a tough time taking some random guy’s word for it that all of that is fact at this moment.

    The Avalanche have an affiliation agreement with the Lake Erie Monsters through 2017.

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