Milwaukee Gets Another New Division Mate for 2013-2014

With Peoria, Illinois now without a franchise, another inevitable shakeup was coming as far as AHL realignment for the Milwaukee Admirals.

Enter the Iowa Wild (formerly the Houston Aeros) who replace the Rivermen, one of my favorite old school minor league franchises. Des Moines is returning to the AHL stage for the first time since 2009, when the infamous Iowa Chops played in the league. Certainly moving a team from Houston to Des Moines gets Minnesota’s prospects a lot closer to the Twin Cities, but its hard to believe that the city of Houston will no longer have either an NHL or AHL franchise. However, it will be fun for Milwaukee fans to see Minnesota’s prospects on a much more frequent basis. I’m curious to see if the playoff battles from previous years with the Aeros will carry over into the new divisional matchups.

As you all might already know, Chicago (AHL) once again changed affiliations for the 2013-14 season, taking on an affiliation with the St. Louis Blues, which formerly had its top prospects in Peoria. Vancouver moved on to Utica (now in the North Division of the Western Conference), after its two-year affiliation with the Wolves.

Abbotsford is now in the West Division, where it will have a division rival in Charlotte a mear 2,900 miles away (or eight large states and a border crossing). Grand Rapids stays put in the Midwest Division, where they geographically belong.

For a grid of the new divisions, click here.

For a list of NHL affilations for 2013-14, click here.

So Roundtable, are you ready for some new rivalries?

9 thoughts on “Milwaukee Gets Another New Division Mate for 2013-2014”

  1. I think the AHL might be better served with a little less rivalry building and go with a bit more intra-conference play. I would gladly give up two divisional games to be able to have Milwaukee play a couple three Eastern teams. a three in four set through the Atlantic or East division once a year would be a pleasant change. I know that travel is an issue for the A, but with teams in Abbotsford, Charlotte and St. John’s, there is already a ton of travel. I’m sure that the Texas teams, OKC, and Charlotte wouldn’t be opposed to dropping a couple Abbotsford games to head to the East or Northeast division for a road trip. Besides, I still believe that the 12 times a year that Milwaukee plays their divisional foes will lead to more incidents like the Ads/Wolves bench clearer. Anything that reduces that threat is a good thing.

  2. Tim, I’d love that too! We used to play a pair of east teams a year and it was great to see other teams we don’t get to see (Rats,Bruins,Monarchs) were some of the most recent I remember. And I feel the calder cup finals teams should get a chance to face off again each season as well. Since its been strictly east vs east n west vs west I laugh to myself at the scoreboard showing out of town scores or players of the week and thinking the causal ahl fan doesn’t even know what WBS stands for or where the hell is bridgeport! LOL hopefully we get more inter confernce play soon.

  3. Makes sense for the Wild to be in the same division with the Admirals, Wolves, Ice Hogs, and Griffins. I am 100% for playing three or four Eastern Conference teams a season for a home-and-home series.

  4. I heard that this year, we’ll be playing everyone in the conference….but I’ll feel a lot better once I see it with my own eyes on the schedule in August.

  5. I hope we catch Rochester on “Redneck Night”! How awesome would it be to play against the ‘Muricans? I’m thinking a mullet and Hamms all-fan giveaway would be appropriate for that one!

  6. Right on about seeing the East. These are big boys and a little travel won’t hurt. In fact it helps prepare them for the transition to NHL. Have 2 or 3 teams share the costs. Rotate the three teams between Milwauke, Rockford and Chicago or Houston, OKC and San Antonio. Not only will it be a better fan experience but it could save money if costs are shared. Look forward to seeing Iowa again and Rochester too. Maybe the league will finally step in and let East vs West be more than an All Star and Finals thingbb

  7. And wouldn’t love to see the Admirals play the Admirals? As much as I’d love to see Hersey (especially with Latta) or Providence, how cool would it be to have the Milwaukee Admirals host the Norfolk Admirals? Very cool.

  8. I join the others in the hope that Milwaukee gets to play 2 or 3 Eastern teams a season. Ten games a season against each of the division rivals are enough. They don’t need to play them 12 times. Playing some games against the Amerks will be an improvement over last season.

  9. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought that last season the Western Conference North Division played some cross conference games due to the fact that they were so close to the Northeast and East divisions, so why not expand it?

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