Blum Signs With Minny

So the news is that Jon Blum signed with the Minnesota Wild.  A one-year two-way contract.

Some Admiral fans are dancing in the streets.  Some are indifferent.  Some are tired of us writing posts about all the former Admirals finding new places to play.  Some are licking their chops at the possibility of playing against Blum up to 12 times if he plays most of the season with the Iowa Wild.

So does Blum have a realistic chance to break camp in St. Paul?

Michael Russo, who does a great job covering the Wild for the Star Tribune, lists the defense depth charts as such:

Ryan Suter – Jonas Brodin
Marco Scandella – Keith Ballard
Clayton Stoner – Jared Spurgeon

Extra:  Nate Prosser

So on the surface, it looks like Iowa or bust.

But he does have a couple things in his favor.

Blum would need to clear waivers if he was sent to Iowa, and from an interview that he gave to a Minnesota Wild podcast, there were lots of teams interested in him.

“Yeah, there was definitely other teams,” Blum says.    “St. Louis, Philly, Rangers, Florida… There was probably close to eight or nine teams, but the fit for me with the Wild was best.”

So they run the risk of losing him on the waiver wire if they try to send him down.

Also — he’s a right handed shot, which isn’t so common on the Wild blue line right now.  Of Russo’s top six, only Spurgeon is a right handed shot.  So that’s another way he could worm his way into the opening night roster.

Later in the podcast he talks about his time with Nashville.  And I’m kind of surprised by some of the things he said.

“I’m just thrilled to get a fresh start.  Things didn’t go as well the last year and a half with the Preds.  I wasn’t able to play my game there, play on the power play, play more than 14 minutes…whatever I played last year….  So I’m looking to come into camp at the beginning of the year and earn my ice time….and be able to play an offensive game, a puck moving game, and not just focus on being a shutdown guy.  When I was in Nashville, I was playing top 4 minutes, playing against teams’ best players every night.  It doesn’t suit my game…”

He said something else after that last line, but I had a tough time making it out.  You can listen to the full interview here….this comment starts around the 4:55 mark.  But shutting down the opposing offense doesn’t suit your game?  Excuse me?  I’m sorry.  Let’s not skate Shea Weber and Roman Josi on the power play so that we can better suit your game, Jon.  Let’s only send you out there when opposing third and fourth lines are on the ice so we can better suit your game, Jon.  And were those really top 4 minutes in Nashville last year?

He’s entitled to have those opinions, and I imagine it’s a thought process that plenty of players have….but I’m surprised that he elected to share them.

That’s going to be my new excuse.  Eh, I’m not going to mow the lawn today.  It doesn’t suit my game.  Eh, I’m not going to change the kitty litter.  It doesn’t suit my game.

I’m not going to defend Jon Blum on this blog anymore.  It doesn’t suit my game.

4 thoughts on “Blum Signs With Minny”

  1. Its almost crosby esk that comment, “sid dosent play on the PK it doesn’t suit his game” lol! I liked blum for a while when he was here but his play lagged more to be desired, I’m sure he’ll make the wilds roster besides suter that’s not a lineup even with blum in it that I’m all that scared of. But that’s what ya get when ya blow a whole load a cash on 2 guys, no wiggle room to sign quality core guys. In other news Kovy declined to honor his contract to play in the KHL uh I mean he “retired”…..from north american hockey.

  2. Ummmm…pretty sure he said that playing 14 or less minutes doesn’t suit his game, he would prefer playing top-4 defense. Stop fishing for drama.

  3. Actually Ryan got the quote word for word basically. He did say that he was playing a shutdown role with the Preds, playing against other teams top lines, and that didn’t suit his game. He would prefer to be the offensive d-man and powerplay leader. Ryan didn’t “fish” anything there. It’s what he said.

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