That’s A Lot Of BBQ

The financial terms of Chris Mueller’s contract with Dallas posted to today.

Last year in the Nashville organ-eye-zation, Mueller made $105,000 in Milwaukee.

This year, if he spends the year in the AHL in Austin, he’s going to make $300,000.

$300k.  In the AHL.  That’s a nice raise, and an easy decision.

Andrew Gordon was good for 32 points in 54 games for the Wolves last year.  Winnipeg signed him to a contract that’ll pay him $350,000 in the AHL.

Nolan Yonkman.  A league worst -34 last year.  Anaheim is willing to pay him $200,000 to play in Norfolk this year.

So of all the players under contract that are likely to play in Milwaukee this year (as of 7/10/13), who do you think is set to make the most money?

Joe Piskula.  $135,000.

The market is weird, man.

5 thoughts on “That’s A Lot Of BBQ”

  1. I came to the Admirals and the Predators (and this site) because my wife and I have been longtime fans of Chris. My wife has since passed away so following our favorite player has been a bit of a comfort for me. I have really come to appreciate this website and the great, up to date information not only the blog writers bring but the Admirals fans as well. My grandson has helped me navigate Facebook and Twitter and the multiple sites/reporters and I find myself either rolling my eyes or disappointed or just plain bored while reading a lot of other sites. I was quite bummed when I heard Chris was moving on. Now, if it had been to the Red Wings organization, I would have been quite pleased but, alas, no such luck. I have a feeling that this was not Chris’ doing as I have heard thru quite the MSU family grapevine he and his wife fell in love with your city of Milwaukee. He’s always been a real quiet, polite kid so I doubt he let on how much he really loved being in your presence or how upset he was to be moving on, me thinks. Just my humble opinion.
    But, thanks to Ryan’s stellar reporting, I am real happy for his new deal. When I saw the amount, my jaw dropped! So, moving on made some sense. Maybe he’ll crack the lineup in Dallas.
    I will continue to check in with the Admirals and this site. I don’t know what you kids do for a living, particularily Ryan, but you run a hell of a site. I read so much unimaginative, lazy reporting coughJoshCoopercough that coming here was always a breath of fresh air. Thanks for always digging a little deeper and talking about someone other than Shea Weber and the latest and greatest prospect in the system. And to Chris Mueller, congrats on that deal kid, you deserve every penny. Cheers everyone.

  2. I am most shocked that the Ducks signed Yonks and Stortini they must have some valued prospects in Norfolk that they need protected to hire the Bash Bros. In regards to Mueller I know its going to be a longshot of making Dallas since they have a lot more nhl expeirenced guys ahead of him but him and Pevs both play a similar style hopefully he can wow some folks and make it up there he deserves a shot. GM Jim Nill really seems to know what he’s doing, I don’t think he’d throw large AHL money at a guy for one year without something in mind.

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