Mueller Chooses Dallas

We already knew Chris Mueller wasn’t going to be playing with the Admirals this season.

Today we found out where he will be playing.

Mueller today signed a contract with the Dallas Stars.

According to our friends at the 100 Degree Hockey blog, it’s a two-way, one-year deal.

And as the Defending Big D blog observes, they aren’t short on centers in Dallas.

Last week, (GM) Nill added centers Tyler SeguinRich Peverley, and Shawn Horcoff to the club. Because of those prior moves that have created a logjam of sorts at the center position (and the fact that Mueller split time between Nashville and Milwaukee), this appears to be a depth move to help restock the farm system and nothing more.

So I’d say there’s a decent chance we’ll get to see Mueller in an opposing uniform this year.  And it’ll be weird.

So Roundtable…over the years, which former Admiral has been the most awkward to see in an enemy uniform?  And when Mueller makes his first BC appearance as a member of the Texas Stars, will you cheer or boo?  

5 thoughts on “Mueller Chooses Dallas”

  1. Santorelli that was tough to see him in anything but Ads white n black. I don’t boo those guys when they return (except haydar that was hard to take) because they gave us so much to cheer about when here. I feel mueller may crack a roster spot don’t be shocked if he isn’t in texas. A 4th line center possibly.

  2. Sorry, this is a side question – does anyone happen to have a higher quality version of the Admirals skull logo or the skating skeleton logo? The best I can find is this – – which is fine, but I’d prefer it with a white or transparent background. Does anyone happen to have this in a similar size or larger than that with a white background???? Much appreciated if you do…

  3. I generally applaud visiting ex-Admirals, except for Darren Haydar.

    Tony Hrkac playing for Houston in 2008-10. I thought the Admirals should cover his retired number 26 since he was no longer retired from the AHL.

    Haydar playing for Chicago was second. Now that he can’t skate, I don’t care anymore.

    Fordo. It was strange seeing Scott Ford play for Peoria. He was like a fish out of water.

    Wade Flaherty playing for the Moose (2004-07) and then Rockford in 2007-08.

    Ken Sabourin playing for Orlando after 5 seasons in Milwaukee.

    Chris Durno playing for San Antonio, Lake Erie and Charlotte. I wish he could have stayed in Milwaukee for 2 or 3 more seasons. In Charlotte, he was a shadow of his former self.

    Mark Matheson playing for Chicago after they took out his knee was kind of odd. He scored 4 goals tops in 4 years in Milwaukee, then scored 9 for Chicago the season after leaving. Ouch!

    Mark Mowers playing for Grand Rapids after 4 seasons in Milwaukee.

    John Flesch playing for Kalamazoo. He scored 87 points in his last Milwaukee season.

    Number 10, Dale “Yak Attack” Yakiwchuk playing for Kalamazoo twice (84-85 and 86-87).

    Honorable Mention: Bryan Lundbohm playing for Houston (2005-07) and 2008-09 and Carl “Skippy” Valimont playing for Houston (1994-97). Both gave 100% every game.

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