Scott Ford Signs With St. Louis

(Photo credit:  Scott Paulus)

There will be a new captain in Milwaukee this year.

The St. Louis Blues have signed Scott Ford to a one-year two-way contract.

(Apparently….they really liked the picture from his time in Providence for their press release over anything from the last four seasons in Milwaukee.)

It’s sad to see him go.  Such is life as a fan in the AHL.  I don’t want to write a eulogy, but I will say that if Fordo spends the season in Peoria, it’s going to be really weird seeing him in a Rivermen jersey 12 times next season.

But congrats to him on the contract — it’s an NHL deal, as opposed to the AHL deals he had  with Milwaukee.

Thanks for four good years, Fordo.  You’ll be missed.

4 thoughts on “Scott Ford Signs With St. Louis”

  1. Best wishes to Fordo. He will be missed by many. I guess if there is a bright side… He did not sign with the Wolves…

  2. It’s a little depressing that there were a bunch of top tier AHL vets as free agents this season and so far Nashville hasn’t signed anyone for us :(

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