Preds Bring Back Chris Mason

So the Predators have signed former Admiral/Predator Chris Mason to a one year contract.  I think it’s safe to say that he’ll be the guy playing for the Preds this year when it isn’t Pekka Rinne.

So what does that mean for us?  That means we are likely to get a tag-team of Jeremy Smith and Magnus Hellberg, who will be playing his first year in North America this season.

I look forward to asking Coach Evason about how he plans to split the playing time between the two guys when both are healthy.  It’s been awhile since the Admirals have sported a bona fide tag-team goalie approach.  Usually, there’s the #1 goalie, and then the other guy.

2011-12 – Smitty played in 56 games, Atte Engren played in 23.

2010-11 – Dekanich played 43, until he got hurt on March 16th, and Smitty took over full-time.  Smitty played 18 games before the injury, and then 9 more regular season games afterwards.

2009-10 – Dex with 49 games, Pickard appeared in 36….which is a higher number than I expected…

2008-09 – Drew MacIntyre 55, Dekanich 30.

2007-08 – Pekka Rinne 65, Maxime Daigneault and Dov Grumet-Morris 9 each.

So Roundtable — how would you like to see the games split between Smith and Hellberg this year?  

3 thoughts on “Preds Bring Back Chris Mason”

  1. St. Louis Blues signed Scott Ford? Thought he was still under contract? Or was that just an AHL deal?

    For our goaltending, I think Smith gets 2/3rds of the games and Hellberg 1/3rd … at least to start. If Smith fades or Hellberg impresses, switch it up. Go with who’s hot and playing better.

  2. Welcome back Mace!

    If Hellberg is any good, he gets 40% of the games. That would be 30 games.

    The 2010-11 season only adds up to 70 games! Did Engren play some?

  3. Pickard played a bit before being demoted. And Engren played four games, I think, at the end of the season. I omitted them from the list for no real reason.

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