Meet Mike Moore

Two days after Scott Ford signed with the Blues, the Predators signed another veteran defenseman who will likely have a leadership position with the Admirals this season.

Please welcome Mike Moore to the organ-eye-zation.  He’s a 27-year-old left handed shot from the blue line, who has spent most of the last four seasons with the Worcester Sharks.  He did play in six games for the San Jose Sharks in the 10-11 season, and then he spent all of last season in the A.  He had been the captain of the team for about 1 and a half years, and was an “A” before that too.

I’ve been reading up on the guy at the website for the Worcester Sharks Booster Club.  Moore sounds like a great guy in the community (AHL man of the year for the Sharks on multiple occasions), good with the season ticket holders (has been voted best defenseman and fan favorite by the booster club….plus he was honored with a bobblehead giveaway), and a guy that’ll go to bat for his teammates.  Judging from the videos on, I don’t think he should be considered a heavyweight….(maybe he just needs to stop fighting Michael Haley) but sometimes a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do…..and sometimes that’s going back after the same guy after your first five minutes are up.

(Editor’s note…..listening to the play-by-play guy in this video should be a reminder to all of us how lucky we are to have Aaron Sims at our microphone…..)

He did miss about a month of last season after leaving a November game with a head injury.  The report from the Worcester Telegram…

Moore’s head hit the glass in the Sharks’ defensive zone, and the impact gave him a headache, which in the new era of concussion awareness is one of those symptoms that teams try to deal with immediately.

How long Moore will be out for is unknown, as is normal for head injuries these days. He said his memory of the play is clear, which is a good sign that perhaps the injury won’t mean too many games on the sideline.

Another hockey player with a high IQ….Moore graduated from Princeton (mechanical and aerospace engineering).  And he played in Worcester with Admiral forward Kevin Henderson too.

If Moore ends up as our captain, I think we’ll be good with that.  Welcome to Milwaukee.

Now, PA announcer Matt Moore is going to have to come up with a fancy way of saying his own last name in the big arena voice.  We’ll check in with Matt later this summer and see how it’s going…

Here are some links if you’d like to know more about Moore.

– A great and very thorough interview from Fear The Fin that touches on a wide array of professional and personal topics…including his time as a volunteer fire fighter, his annual holiday toy drive, his first NHL goal, trying to get a pilot license, and his appearance in EA Sports’ NHL 12.

Worcester Sharks Booster Club Player Notes Page

Moore on

2 thoughts on “Meet Mike Moore”

  1. The Dallas Stars, parent club of the AHL’s Texas Stars, announced Friday that the club has signed defenseman Tyler Sloan to a one-year, two-way contract. So Milwaukee is back to 5 D-men, unless you count Jon Blum.

  2. I didn’t expect Sloan to be back.

    As of right now, I’m expecting us to have Moore, Ekholm, Bartley, Valentine, Bitetto, and Jarvinen. Aronson would probably be the 7th guy.

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