Dear Hockey Gods

Dear Hockey Gods,

First of all, happy free agency day.  I know you find this just as exciting as media and fans do.

Here is what I am hoping for this day.

– I hope that the Predators can hold on to Ryan Suter.  I’d like to know that all of the public posturing was at least truthful just a tiny little bit.

– I hope that the Predators can add some smart under-the-radar pieces for themselves and for Milwaukee…..although it does seem to look like our roster is mostly complete.

– I hope that the biggest free agent that the Penguins sign will be Dean Arsene.  I hope Zach Parise takes less money to play anywhere other than Pittsburgh.

– I hope Alex Semin signs some place where the local media is a lot more brutal towards players who under-achieve.

– I hope that somebody becomes the new Cristobal Huet.  That was hilarious.

– And probably above all else…I hope that there will be nothing that happens today that will make it tougher to get a new CBA ratified this summer.

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