Road To Nashville To Continue To Go Through Milwaukee

Big news this afternoon, as it has been announced that the affiliation agreement between the Nashville Predators and the Milwaukee Admirals is being extended through the 2013-14 season, with a mutual option for the 14-15 season.

The Admirals and Predators will be extending what is currently the third longest continuous relationship, behind the Providence-Boston and New York Rangers-Connecticut duos.

This is very good news, especially considering the doubt that was cast upon the partnership at the start of the season.  You may recall that Jeff Cogen , the Chief Executive Officer and alternate Governor of the Predators, reportedly commented at their Skate Of The Union event that he expected all of the primary affiliates to be within three hours driving distance.

I think the best quote in the press release comes from David Poile, where he recognizes that the staff in Milwaukee have ‘created a major league environment for our prospects.’  I think that’s one of the under-appreciated aspects of the relationship between the two teams.  They get to train in first class facilities, and get to live and play in a great city.  Do you think the Flyers feel the same way about the Adirondack Phantoms?  (I’m sure Glens Falls, NY is nice and all….but…..)

So here’s to the future.  Here’s to the new boss….same as the old boss.  Which is great.  And you can still drink every time you hear the phrase “The road to Nashville goes through Milwaukee.”

8 thoughts on “Road To Nashville To Continue To Go Through Milwaukee”

  1. Not to upset the apple cart, but wouldn’t it be a nice idea to have the Ads be the AHL affiliate for the Blackhawks at some point? Blasphemy, I know. But let’s put our hate for Chicago aside for a moment. Chicago is much closer to Milwaukee than Nashville is. Players could hop a cab down for emergency call-ups. Financially, it would save the Ads travel costs (and yes, I realize those are borne by the NHL club). But we’d also get a huge bump in attendance if Blackhawk fans come up in droves to see their prospects. I, for one, am more likely to try to catch a Blackhawks game in Chicago than a Preds game in Nashville. And is Rockford really teaching the Blackhawks’ youth to learn to be professionals? I doubt it. If the Preds want a nearby affiliate in Atlanta, as they’ve suggested, we would survive and even thrive. Just a thought.

  2. Fantastic news for sure. Milwaukee provides a first rate experience for the Predators prospects and I am glad to see it so appreciated. Vice versa, Nashville sends down high quality players and talents keeping the Admirals extremely competitive.

    I for one could not be happier with the news. Congratulations to both Milwaukee and Nashville for continuing what has been a great relationship.

    Other than the fact that Glen Falls, NY isn’t exactly a big league city, there are few prettier spots in the entire USA, especially in spring, fall and summer. Watch your potshots Ryan.

  3. Wade Bea, you are a heretic and should be burned as the 2nd intermission entertainment at an upcoming Admirals game. I like your idea but curse you to death.

  4. If you forgot, Chicago was the top ads affiliate for a few years. Tons of problems with player discontent. Ideally you want some distance so players want to get there from here, but not too close so as to keep looking out the window at Chicago .

  5. I just thought of an idea. Why not top affiliate of Detroit ?? Grand Rapids is not a go to town?? We have a great rep with the NHL, we could also host a outdoor game at Miller Park… What do you think???

  6. In answer to the Hawks/Admirals question, its been done before for one less than memorable season in the early 1980’s, the team was less than stellar and the Admirals went back to being an independent before hooking up with Vancouver for a successful run starting with the first season of the Bradley Center in 1989. The team included current NHL analyst Darren Pang, Steve Larmer’s younger brother Jeff, and Randy Boyd who returned to the Admirals as a Canuck farmhand.

    The current system works and I think most people in Wisconsin would rather hate Chicagoans and vise versa, so I don’t think you will any partnerships anytime soon.

  7. Rockford is probably closer to Chicago than Milwaukee. While I haven’t checked all the the teams but aren’t there a lot of teams especially the West coasts teams far from their AHL teams.

  8. Apparently it’s also the Road to Montreal… Bye Blake, hope to see the same lack of effort in Hamilton

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