Taking Stock of Where Milwaukee Stands

In the grand scheme of things, one home shutout victory against Houston on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean much, but it sure beats the alternative.

With the win Milwaukee still stands in the same place it has been of late–in 10th place in the Western Conference, trailing teams that are set to play postseason hockey.

The current difference between the Admirals’ spot (49 games played, 25 wins, 53 points) and eighth place Abbotsford’s spot (49 games played, 26 wins, 55 points) is just one victory, but Milwaukee carries at least one game in hand on every team except the Heat (and first place Oklahoma City, which is almost assured a playoff spot) standing ahead of them.

Therefore, Milwaukee is far from dead, but time and the schedule are starting to become a factor. With the AHL campaign reduced by four games in comparison to previous years, Milwaukee has just 27 games  left to make up ground. Realistically, even if the Admirals get on a run, sixth place looks to be about the furthest up within reach.

Here are the teams that stand in the way: Peoria (27-21-2-1, 57 points), San Antonio (27-21-2-0, 56 points), Abbotsford (26-20-3-0, 55 points), Lake Erie (25-22-2-2, 54 points) and Rochester (22-19-6-3, 53 points).

Milwaukee will play none of those teams this weekend, just first place Oklahoma City, standing in the same spot the Admirals enjoyed for most of 2010-2011. The Barons are coasting with a remarkable 32-12-2-3 mark, seven points ahead of its nearest challengers. Two losses would hardly face Oklahoma City, but two wins would go a long, long way for Milwaukee.

So Roundtable . . . What are your expectations for this weekend’s pair of games with Oklahoma City? Are you dreading the match up against one of the AHL’s best, or do you see this as an opportunity?


4 thoughts on “Taking Stock of Where Milwaukee Stands”

  1. I look at like this, and I say this about all teams I like do they deserve to play in post-season this year? If I’m talking about this years ads team, thus far… No. They haven’t shown me any consist play. One game they look great and maybe turning the corner and the next they play awful. This weeks games vs OKC will be measuring sticks to see if we can even hang with a team like that. In the playoffs, I get it records are clean and anyone can raise their game but our admirals team this year just doesn’t seem set to do much. We can’t score as much as other teams and we make stupid decisions with the puck that usually burn us the other way, perhaps latta on the mend and flynn coming back soon will motivate the team. Henderson has been a nice addition for a hustle/harassing player but the team has to put together more game like tuesday night and less like sunday, we’ll see what happens this week, my prediction we go 1-1 vs okc.

  2. What sucks is our 40 wins / 90 points streak is in jeopardy. We need 15 wins to get to 40 on the season but that only gets us 83 points. If we go on a streak it’s do-able but with this teami think it’ll be tough.

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