Geoffrion Traded To Montreal

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9 Responses to Geoffrion Traded To Montreal

  1. CreedFeed says:

    Overpaid, but it’s a sellers market.. and it addresses a need of the Preds (solid d-man with experience, big body, etc.) without touching any of the Preds’ current roster.

  2. TooManyMenonTheIce says:

    Hornquist on the IR was announced as well. Call up likely with only 12 healthy forwards on the Preds roster?

  3. frontrowjon says:

    Ya didn’t have a spot for me to vote for “deja vu”. Its the same old song nashville sings every time they make a trade “here take this young prospect cause we couldn’t develop him and give us some aging vet you don’t want” “hey and we’ll toss ya pick and another player for sngs (shit n giggles). I know blake wasn’t having a year like last but I feel he’ll get his shit together and perform well, montreal prolly had to bite their lip to keep in snickering at getting away with murder.

  4. BigRed says:

    Could be worse, it could have been the Cody Franson deal last year. *crosses fingers that Blum is being shopped around*

  5. Wade Bea says:

    Addition by subtraction with Blake. It was a bad idea to give him a bobblehead night before he ever suited up for the team. The kids became a living bobblehead and never lived up to expectations. The pressure was too much going between his hometown of Nashville and his adopted state of Wisconsin. Too bad he ends up in Montreal where his family name is even more difficult to live up to. Yikes.

    Somewhere, I hope Chris Cahill is kicking himself at the missed opportunity.

    On another note, for those who liked what they saw from Dan Koger, he’s been traded, too.

    Any takers for Blum? We have a fine prospect here for you. Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

  6. PositiveAnion says:

    Overpaid, but not sure by a lot. At first I felt it should have been Slaney OR the pick, not both. The more I rethink it, the less of an overpay it seems to be.

    I’m sad that we couldn’t get Blake’s performance up, the potential is certainly there.

    I’m pleased we are letting him get development help elsewhere at his still young age.

    I haven’t liked keeping some of the guys around in recent years where we just weren’t getting over the hump with them, but let them “age” on our roster.

  7. CreedFeed says:

    Off topic > anyone know of somewhere reliable in the Milwaukee area to take a jersey to get it customized with sewn on nameplates and numbers? I called Hockey Haven and they said they only do silkscreen customizing. I wish to get a Nashville jersey customized. If no local areas, anyone know anywhere else?

  8. Overpaid.
    Blake is just having an off year.
    When he blooms it will go down as the worst trade in Preds History.
    I wish they could have slept on this trade.

  9. A 2nd is way too much for Hal Gill…

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