Ads Shutout The Houston Slumpbusters

Previously on the Admirals Roundtable….

The Admirals rode a five game losing streak into Houston on February 5th, and skated out with a 2-1 victory.

The Admirals were riding a three game losing streak coming into tonight’s game with the Aeros, and home team was able to snap out of that skid with a 3-0 victory Tuesday night at the Bradley Center.

Jeremy Smith stopped all the shots he faced, and the metal behind him stopped a few as well.  Officially, Smith made 23 saves, netting his second shutout of the season.  After sitting out four of the last five games in favor of Atte Engren, Smith was great.

The Admirals got things started in the first with a Chris Mueller re-direct. Teemu Laakso circled the Aeros cage and sent a pass to the far-side point to Victor Bartley. He fired a wrister that got though some traffic where Chris Mueller re-directed it past a positioned Matt Hackett.

In the final seconds of the second period and with the Aeros on the power play there was a scrum in front of Jeremy Smith and the puck ended up in the back of the net. Immediatley after the light went on, Smith went berserker, imitating a kicking motion and every Admiral on the ice followed suit. The referee closest to the play quickly help up his hand and did the Jedi mind trick and all went quiet. The ref said something, and then skated over to converse with his counterparts. When he spun around from the meeting, he quickly signified the safe motion NO GOAL motion. The puck was kicked in.

In the third period, an Aero had a shot on goal that hit metal twice, and then bounced out through the five-hole.

Here’s Coach Herbers on the concept of puck-luck.

The Ads then extended their lead in the third period on a great put-away by Joel Champagne.  Laakso again got the puck to the point but this time it was Juuso Puustinen that corraled it. Juuso fired a shot from the middle of the blue line that found the pad of Hackett.  The rebound went right to Champagne, who was grinding down low, and he fired it past Hackett. The goal gave the Admirals the insurance they needed as they went on to down the Aeros.  Here’s the video of the goal, and the Coach’s thoughts on said goal.

Oh yeah, lest i forget, Jon Blum had an almost full-ice empty-net shorthanded goal to pad his stats and quell all the Blum haters. Hey look, if it gets him on track that is great news but I wouldn’t call it a breakthrough goal by any means.  But did you see him celebrate?


I asked Coach after the game if this was as close as he’s seen to a 60 minute game in awhile, or is there more to work on.  (Yes, I know games are usually 60 minutes long….settle down Sparky…Coach knew what I meant)

– Good things happen when you put the puck on net.  The first two goals were both shots that started at the point, and with someone down low cashing in.  That’s successful Admirals hockey.  That’s what we need to see more of.

– I was hoping Ryan was going to ask everyone to exit through the gift shop at the end of the game….or drop in a Mountain Fury power play mention or SOMETHING!  You know, Ryan always likes to say that Matt Moore’s job isn’t in jeopardy….but the last two home wins for the Ads have been with Ryan filling in.  Just sayin’…

– MVG out for awhile.  Measured in weeks, not days.  Tyler Sloan is day-to-day.  Flynn may be back this weekend.  Latta is improving.

– So on to Oklahoma City this weekend.  And it gives us a chance to link to this clip.

Questions:  Best game you’ve seen in awhile?  Was Smitty more good or more lucky?  Scott Valentine returned to the lineup…did you like his game?  He needs to stay out of the penalty box.  Yay for the weddings…..I promised myself I…(sniff)…..I wouldn’t…(sniff)….cry…… Now where’s the open bar?  

4 thoughts on “Ads Shutout The Houston Slumpbusters”

  1. The third period was strange. I thought that Houston hit the pipe 4 times, 5 if you count the double poster as two. It was at the end opposite from me. Maybe somebody at the north end can confirm or deny that amount of heavy metal activity. Smith played well. Valentine played okay except for the 2 penalties. Laakso received his own stupid penalty near the end of the game. Blum’s goal was announced as unassisted, but I saw that Lajunen did get credit on the gamesheet. The dumbest player out there tonight was David McIntyre, with 3 penalties.

    The hit of the game was in the first period. Foss nailed #61 (Cuma) by the penalty box.

    The second period had a bunch of broken sticks, at least three, but I didn’t really count them. One Admirals D-man went to the bench after his stick broke, but nobody handed him a stick. He skated down the ice and tried to get Blake’s. Blake wouldn’t give it to him! It was comical. I thought Smith was doing a jig on the no goal. It would have been better for St Patrick’s Day, but the officials did get the call correct to preserve the shutout. Sixty minutes of hard work paid off!

  2. Good game overall. There was some luck with all the post shots, and they did have some breakdowns in the third period, but stuck with it throughout.

    I’m with Sutty… I was waiting for Ryan to throw out “… and the Admirals are on the POWER PLAY! (fury engaged).” or something haha.

  3. Between injuries and call-ups, it’s amazing we can field a team. I don’t know much about the Cyclones, but their roster must look like swiss cheese between call-ups, injury, and quitters.

  4. What did I say the Admirals needed after their last game? PUCKLUCK! And they certainly got it last night. That’ll be my only comment since I wasn’t there to see it, but nice to see the puck bouncing in our favor, hopefully it’ll continue.

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