Goalie Swap Expected

UPDATE:  As you know, news doesn’t wait for after business hours…

Lindback and Blum are the winners of a most-expenses-paid trip to Milwaukee this weekend.

Jim Diamond, who writes for the Nashville Predators Examiner site, published some news late Thursday night that will likely have quite the impact on this upcoming weekend for the Admirals.

Jeremy Smith is already in Nashville, and it’s expected that Anders Lindback will be making his way to Milwaukee on Friday.

So good for Smitty on his promotion.  And good for us to get some time with Lindback.  Smitty will be the 5th Admiral this year to earn their first NHL call-up, after Thang, Josi, Ellis, and Bourque (who scored his first NHL goal tonight, incidentally….)

It’s a well done piece by Diamond, and I urge you to read it…but I’ll quote here what he said at the end of the article.

With Lindback headed north, the question is whether or not he will have some company on his flight. The team is currently carrying eight defensemen. Head coach Barry Trotz said following the Dallas game that they will soon be discussing their blue line situation. Smart money says Ryan Ellis will be headed back with an outside chance that Jonathon Blum is reassigned for the second time this season.

It’ll be interesting to see who they decide and for what reason.  Who would you rather have sent back?

3 thoughts on “Goalie Swap Expected”

  1. Rather have them send smith back, lol. No lindback should be fine, just kinda stinks cause smitty prolly won’t get any important ice time. Send none of their eligible blue liners back. I watched their game tonight and dallas shoulda smoked 8 – 1, but they hit 4 pipes in the game, josi, klien looked confused out there and much of their team looked lost. Dallas picked them apart in well executed game for the stars. I like the blue liners we have V-bart and valentine are kinda the straw that stirs the defensive drink their physical and attacking game helps set the pace for our team, even ford is playing at a better level making better choices. Laakso is laakso nothing special but he is there doing his job, sloan when healthy seemed to be the quiet leader doing all the rough and tough work around the net, and whomever the flavor of the day is be it foss, ellis, blum, etc usually fill in ok. Let’s hope for all 6pts this weekeend! Go ads!!!!!!

  2. Whoa-this is interesting. Blum’s gonna get some frequent flyer points with all this flying back and forth.

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