Latta Gets A Gordie; Lindback & Ads Get 6-3 Win

Trying to bust a two game losing streak, the Admirals jumped out to a 3-0 lead, and cruised to a 6-3 victory over the visitng Lake Erie Cleveland Monsters Friday night.

Michael Latta had a Gordie Howe Hat Trick, and Anders Lindback stopped 30 of 33 shots in his first start of the season for Milwaukee.

Pretty good night.

The Admirals were the first to light the lamp and Michael Latta was the one to do it. Victor Bartley gathered the puck in the Admirals zone and fired a pass just outside the Monsters zone where it struck Blake Geoffrion and was sent chest high to Latta who was along the far side boards. Latta snagged the puck out of the air, tossed it in front of himself and skated it in the zone, firing a shot that beat Trevor Cann. Good play by Latta getting into the zone and getting a shot on net, and in the spirit of youth sports and over celebrating “good plays”, YAY BLAKE, you got on the score sheet.

The second period erupted in a fury of goals and fights.  Here’s the coach.

The Admirals got the flood gates to open with a goal scored by someone who had yet to do it in the year. Taylor beck found the puck at the far side point and fired a shot towards the Monsters’ net minder. Ryan “dont call me Matt” Flynn was down low screening Cann when he put his stick to rubber to redirect the puck right past the goalie for the 2-0 lead. The “No Goal Club” just got one member smaller and who knows, this could be just the begining for Flynn, who had been playing pretty well in pretty much every other facet of the game.

The Admirals, refusing to ease up “blasted” another goal home giving them the 3-0 lead. 4:30 into the period Blake Geoffrion fired a puck into traffic (not towards the net). After pin-balling around, it fluttered to the slot where El Capitan Scott Ford swiped at it, sending the puck very slowly towards the net, where Cann could not recover enough to get a pad on it.

Then it was the Monsters’ turn to score a goal and it came with Kyle Wilson in the sin bin for a high-sticking call. 9:11 into the period Patrick Rissmiller attempted a pass acorss the crease to a teamate. It never found said teamate as it instead found the skate of Teemu Laakso, which in turn found the back of the net giving the Monsters their first goal.

The Admirals answered back just under 5 minutes later and Kyle Wilson found the net to atone for his previous infraction. While the Ads were on the Mountain Fury Power Play, Wilson got the puck and was in the lower far side circle when he fired a snipe top shelf beating Cann, and giving the Ads the 4-1 lead. The awesome thing about this goal was the Chris Mueller was celebrating the goal before it went in as he was right behind the net watching the puck the whole time. I guess he knew it was going in.

After the goal by Wilson, the Monsters switched goaltenders putting in James Reid, hoping for a little better result. It didn’t work, as the Admirals scored just over 2 minutes later, and just 6 seconds into another Mountain Fury Power Play. With the Admirals winning the face off, Geoffrion passed it to Taylor Beck who was down-low near-side. Beck then fired a no-look pass across the slot to a crashing Victor Bartley, who buried it the open net. Now all joking aside this WAS a great play started by Geoffrion, and I am glad Bartley is getting some lamp time as he has been playing lights out all year. (See what I did there with the light fixture joke?)

Towards the end of the period Evan Brophey tallied a power play goal for the Monsters. To be honest I really dont remember what happened and all we need to know is that it was a goal against.

***** Please see Appendex A for the fights in the period*****

Speaking of fights, the 3rd period started off with a big one that I am guessing the league will be talking to Lake Erie’s Captain David Liffiton about. Zack Stortini finished a check on a Monsters player and Brophey took exception to said check. Storts and Brophey dropped the gloves but the fight while on their feet only lasted a moment but Storts kept firing punches on Brophey while they were on the ice. Liffiton, from the bench, did not like the scenario that was playing out, so he decided to start throwing punches from the bench into Storts’ face. Let me say this again, Liffiton was punching Stortini from the bench while Stortini was punching Brophey. What was the call you ask? Liffiton got 2 minutes for roughing. Yeah, I know, right?  Here’s Coach Herbers…

The third period has a goal by each team and the Monsters’ goal came shorthanded while Liffiton was serving for the above infraction. Talk about salt in the wound.

Puustinen scored for the Admirals to get back the 3 goal lead on a play that gave Latta the Grodie Howe Hat Trick.


Appendix A:  Second Period Fights.

Bordeleau VS Stortini.  Edge Bordeleau.

Fordo VS Stoa.  One of Fordo’s best of the year, I think.  I wish that was more of a compliment than it really is, though.

Brennan vs Latta.  Seemed like a good idea at the time for both of them.  They won’t be confused for Jeremy Yablonski.

– Anders Lindback and Jon Blum were back tonight.  Here’s the coach on their peformances…..happy to have Lindback, and thought it was a mixed bag for Blummer.

– Blake got three assists.  But wake me up when he goes into a battle in the corner.

– Great to see Flynn get that first goal.  That play was a perfect example of why good things happen when you put the puck on the net.  Doesn’t need to be a laser.  Just needs to be on net.

– We talk a lot about how much we like Victor Bartley.  From that beautiful sparkling smile in the Toyota Tundra Race, to the way that he plays well on both ends of the ice.  Great goal for him, and he was stellar late in the game.  Perhaps you remember the Admirals killing off the late power play, and there was a mad scramble in front of Lindback.  Anders deserves credit for finally getting the puck frozen, but Bartley was there blocking shots, blocking passes, and keeping the puck out of the net.

– You know who else has been playing pretty strongly lately?  Taylor Beck.  I liked him on that line with Van Flynder.

– Welcome back Joel Champagne!  4th line was very effective tonight.

– My 3 stars ballot was 1. Latta, 2. Barrie (1g, 1a), and then 3. Stortini.  Bartley was under consideration, but Stortini was a force tonight over the course of the game.

– Game again tomorrow against the 1st place Checkers.  Different style of hockey, says the coach.

Questions:  So you think the Lake Erie captain will get some supplementary discipline for his actions?  Happy to see Hughie?  Surprised that none of the Lake Erie goals were even-strength?  Happy to see so many fights?  Think Blum will be here a longer time this time?

5 thoughts on “Latta Gets A Gordie; Lindback & Ads Get 6-3 Win”

  1. Best game of the year to watch IMO. Loved the fights, as did the rest of the fans it seemed. Not to mention the boys played very well too!

  2. The wild punches by Bordeleau that missed (nearly all of his) don’t count. Storts did well against a larger opponent. Most of what Mr. B landed were to the helmet. Storts hit some face.

    Ford’s fight was the best that I have ever seen from him. Stoa looked like he grabbed a tiger by the tail and got shredded by the paws.

    I have no idea how the Latta-Brennan fight got started. Latta looked like he wanted to be some other place. Brennan didn’t look that interested either, so why fight?

    LEM’s captain was lucky that he didn’t get 10 minutes instead of 2. That is how bench clearing brawls get started, like at Las Vegas around 1995. I give him 1 game for 1 gloved punch.

    Hugh lost weight and stunk. He couldn’t get by the D. What was he was complaining to the ref about in the 1st period? In the 3rd period he excelled at holding the stick of Ads players in the slot.

    Blum blended in like an AHL player. Not so good if he wants to get back to the Preds!

  3. Wow, I was surprised to see they added an assist for Blake on the Fordo goal….but then to see they added 2? Liffiton clearly tapped the puck out to Ford, who scored. So, giving Juuso and Blake assists……um, no.

    It was neat to see Stoa try to rally the troops for LE picking a fight with Ford….how did that work out for ya?

    Liffiton throwing punches off the bench? Yeah, thats definitely more than a 2 minute penalty. I wouldn’t be surprised to see 2 games handed out.

  4. and, I know the dead horse is going to cringe when I type this…..but….

    c’mon Journal Sentinel….I know the fact that assistant coaches left a football team an hour or so to the west, and a basketball player missing a game 2 nights ago because of a family issue, the vice president of a football team to the north of us, and a story about a game being played next weekend are all important, and well deserving of front page sports section news…..but a live sporting event, from last night, in our town, where 5000 people showed up is not back page news.

  5. Stoa went after Ford because Ford had just crushed Barrie (#41) with a big open ice hit.

    MIB, the JS has frequently put the Admirals on the back page of the sports section. I don’t like it and never have. Perhaps this is another reason why they have 1234 suscribers left. Maybe they will get some interest from people who look at the weather forecast on the same page! The Admirals need to play the Calder Cup or have a huge brawl to land on the front page of the sports section. I thought that Dave Boehler’s blog was a coverage improvement this season. However, the JSonline keeps limiting the ability to post responses to stories, so I stopped.

    First, they wanted me to change my screen name, then they wanted me to have a Facebook account. Now they want me to pay or be limited to a set number of stories that I can access. What’s next, a newspaper / information internet fee added on my property tax? Screw them!!!

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