Admiral All-Stars

So congrats to Chris Mueller and Ryan Ellis, who were selected as All-Stars for the Western Conference.

If you like counting stats, these are the guys for you  (If you like counting 2nd assists, then Ellis REALLY is the guy for you).

Mueller is a fine pick….personally, I was lobbying for Michael Latta.

Ryan Ellis….eh, I don’t want to sound like a broken record.

But you know who was really snubbed?

Ben Bishop.

He’s responsible for 15 of the 17 Peoria wins this season.  Leads the league in shutouts.

But Matt Hackett from Houston makes the roster instead… With fewer wins, a lower save percentage, winless in shootouts (0-3….Houston as a whole is 0-7), and doesn’t have to compensate for Brett Sterling’s lack of interest in playing in his own end?

Tough year for Bishop.  Not wanted in STL when Brian Elliott remembered how to play the position…and now not recognized for having a pretty awesome year so far for Peoria.

Also surprised that Mr. Sterling isn’t on the list….but I’m not interested in making a case for him.  What a punk.

14 thoughts on “Admiral All-Stars”

  1. Hackett is classless, also. Unfortunate that anyone who plays the way he does gets any recognition.

  2. Hmmm…interesting. Interesting yet expected. Way to root for the home team. “can’t wait to hear the comments on this one”…

  3. Hackett gets the nods based on his NHL call up. Same reason Ellis got the call. Ellis is a great player but he isn’t even the most impressive rookie defense men on the Ads. That would have to be Scott Valentine. The All star Game mean nothing anymore thanks to NHL ’11. At least in that game the players actually play and their talent really shows.
    Smitty deserved the call over the classless Hackett..

    Sterling is such a dirty player that even Porky Pigs calls him dirty.

  4. First Nashville, now the All-Star game…maybe Windsor is right. Maybe we are all nuts and our eyes are deceiving all of us. That’s really the only logical answer. The only other thought that crosses my mind is that the league wants guys who can score goals, because most fans would rather see an All-Star game end with a score of 15-12, instead of 2-1, and that’s where Ellis would be a better choice than others on our team.

  5. I, for one, am very happy for Chris Mueller. I think he is a great player and has really risen to the top for the Ads. He came in as a free agent, not even making the team 2 years ago. And now he’s one of our best. Congrats to him. I have been lukewarm on Ellis all season but he seems to be excelling up in Nashville so cheers to him.

  6. Mark you are dead on, when picking all star teams, people who don’t watch the teams are the best judge of talent.

  7. I personally don’t think ill of Ryan Ellis, but anyone who thinks he’s top ten in the league obviously has not watched him play THIS year. Will he get better? More than likely and I hope to see it.

    As others have said, he’s the perfect pick for an offensive/no hitting/no defense game like the All Star game is…

  8. I kind of think the AHL All-Star game is lame… Charlotte’s picks both have a lot of points (they lead the team in points and goals) but I’d hardly call either fan favorites?

    You are right on about Bishop getting the shaft. That guy DOES deserve the All-Star bid…. but nobody asked us!

  9. I never comment on here because you all cover my thoughts nicely and intelligently well before I get a chance to. It’s great to see a fan site so professionally run but golly, this post rubs me the wrong way. “If you like counting stats, these are the guys for you”….really? Are you really going to get on Mueller and Ellis for producing? If they stop racking up the points will you like them better? Whining about other teams players not making the teams?? Who cares?! Let their fans get up in arms about it. And saying the game is lame is just fine but it is a nice tip of the hat to all the kids that work their behinds off to make a career of this. Getting on them for their mistakes and shortcomings is just fine and part of being a fan. But I also think it’s nice to be proud and congratulate them when good things happen. What’s the point of having fans if even they can’t get excited for you. Man alive, no wonder these kids don’t, allegedly, throw pucks into the stands. I love all my Ads and am not afraid to show it! Congrats Mueller and Ellis!

  10. Come to a game in Milwaukee. You’ll see we suport them. We know you guys got your little man-crush on Ellis

  11. Thanks for reading, and thanks for the comment ONThere. I’m just circling back to this post now…
    I think BrianTheAdsFan really summed it up nicely. And I think my tone was a little snarkier than I intended it to be. Obviously, it’s great for the team to have two guys selected for the All-Star game. Are they the two guys that have played the best hockey in the first half of the season? Arguments could be made for and against that. But as discussed above, the All-Star game isn’t about who has played the best hockey…it’s about the most skilled players, and that’s where the counting stats come in. Mueller leading the team in points, so he’s a fine choice. Personally, I would argue that Victor Bartley has been the best Admiral blueliner this year. But he doesn’t come with the fanfare Ellis does.

    I hope they do well and make us all proud.

  12. tmann…for what it’s worth-I am a big fan of Mueller. I am from Michigan and have followed his career since he won the National Championship with the Spartans.
    I have no doubt that you guys do a great job supporting your team. I was just alluding to this post.
    I have seen the Admirals play while on a business trip to Chicago. Haven’t made it to the Bradley Center yet.
    Go Ads!

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