Geoffrion Assigned to Milwaukee; Aronson to Cincinnati

On the heels of Monday’s news of Jon Blum’s reassignment to Milwaukee, the Nashville Predators assigned another regular to their American Hockey affiliate this afternoon, announcing that forward Blake Geoffrion has been sent back to the Admirals after his was activated off of injured reserved.

Like Blum, Geoffrion has been unable to carry over his strong end to the 2010-2011 season into this year’s campaign with Nashville, managing just two assists in 19 games for the Predators to date.

As of late Geoffrion has been sidelined with an “upper-body ailment”, meaning this reassignment might be more along the lines of an injury rehabilitation rather than a significant demotion.

Geoffrion was at his offensive best just at around the time of his initial call up from Milwaukee, where he managed 11 goals and 37 points in 45 games last season. This might be just the spark the former Hobey Baker winner needs to reignite his offensive game.

Geoffrion’s spot on the Admirals roster is taken from defenseman Taylor Aronson, who was sent down to the Cincinnati Cyclones to clear space.

So Roundtable . . . First Blum and now Geoffrion (both full time Predators out of training camp), what is your take on Nashville’s recent personnel decisions? Ready to break out your number five jersey?

36 thoughts on “Geoffrion Assigned to Milwaukee; Aronson to Cincinnati”

  1. I see both Blum and Geoffrion here only for a short while. It will be nice seeing both of them play again!

    Hopefully Blum will be able to teach our Dmen a few tips.

    And can we get a repeat performance during the upcoming Wisconsin Badger game with Geoffrion?!!?

  2. I think this is a way to get both players healthy and raise their confidences before the playoff push starts for the preds. It will be awesome to have them both on the roster.
    I can’t wait to see Boomer pull a hat trick.

  3. The current team has talent but lacks personality. Let’s hope Blum and Geoffrion show their new teammates how to loosen up, have fun, and interact with the crowd a bit. I miss Blum throwing pucks at the home net before the game. I miss Thurreson throwing pucks or snow to kids during warm ups. I miss Kelsey Wilson talking to people in the tunnel. I miss Dekanich jawing with fans on Twitter. I haven’t seen one puck get tossed to a kid this year during warmups. Sloan knocking pucks into the glass teases, but the guy never lets a puck sail over the glass. This team might as well be playing in front of empty seats. Am I the only one who thinks this is the coldest team we’ve had in some years?

  4. I agree with Wade Bea. Though Bourque generally shovels a puck over the glass every game, everyone else seems to be, well, simply there. Puustinen impressed me as a watered down version of Klasen, thinking he’s above it all. This team doesn’t put itself out as being approachable. Lack of personality is a good way to phrase it.

  5. I also agree with Wade Bea. Definitely a lack of personality on this team. Not an approachable group at all.

  6. I get the sense this is the kind of group that, if you went out with them, they would quietly tell jokes and bust out laughing, but they’d never include you in on the joke – until you figured out they were laughing at you.

  7. Wow…..that is not the Ryan Ellis that Windsor knows… always signed autographs, talks to kids and especially good with seniors very patient. always a smile ..maybe its a two sided sword….or it could be the sweet things they read about themselves on this blog…..

  8. I don’t think anyone singled out Ryan Ellis. He may have been a star in Windsor, but he’s just a bit player in Milwaukee. One thing is for sure, Ryan Ellis does not set the personality of this team.

  9. Ellisfanforever, it’s not like we don’t like the players or think they are any good, because thats not true. In fact, the team is very good. However, some more energy/interaction with the fans would be nice. I remember Jed Ortmeyer last year in the playoffs giving 5+ pucks away to kids. I don’t think I have seen 5 pucks all year given away in total by the Ads players. However, I would take a winning team that doesn’t socialize with the crowd much, over a bad team that does.

  10. I think that in some respects, the younger guys are overwhelmed by the attention thrown at them. Everyone wants a piece of them, and they are happy to just play hockey and be left alone. It takes most young guys a good while to break out of their shells, and this year we have plenty of youngsters.

    I guess what’s missing this year is that there aren’t any characters. There is no real goon on the team, no one a little quirky, no one a little goofy. It’s as if the whole team were painted beige. They all smile and nod their heads when they’re supposed to, say thank you when they’re supposed to, in other words go through the motions, just like they are taught to do.

    Maybe it’s just a sign of the times.

  11. While I do miss Dex’s tweeting,I disagree with all the cold comments.
    Think of the Boys and Girls club event that was on the Admirals Facebook. The kids seemed really psyched about the players. The on-ice picture night showcased the team interacting with us the fans and being very approachable. Please recall the super long line for Smith, he took a picture with each fan. He even stayed later. Ryan Ellis signed my jersey and was super nice to everyone that approached him. I went to the celebrity serve for the past three years, and each player was very approachable and nice. Last year Mark Van Guilder talked at length of his love for Milwaukee and the similarities between Wisconsin and Minnesota. The admirals website also highlighted the out reach that MVG has done since coming to Milwaukee. Great Guy.

    I think we all miss the truly gregarious players such as Yonkman, Guite, Kelsey Wilson and the Santorelli brothers, yet to call this team out for being out of touch is wrong.

    As the young player get more comfortable, they will show their true colors.

    Go Ads!

  12. Do you think Geoffrion and Blum coming down could kind of change the mood on the team for the worse, because they don’t want to be down here. Or do you think they’re the kind of people who will look at this as an oppertunity to be better and won’t mind being down here?

  13. I’m not saying the team is out of touch. Look at them on twitter, it looks like they’re having a blast. However, all of the events you talked about, unfit, are things that only people who closely follow the team see. I’m talking about things such as throwing pucks over the glass to kids and all that. Like I said, it’s not like there rude, they just needa open up a bit :)

  14. No Just me you did not single out Ryan I did.He is the only player that i can speak about with first hand knowledge. As a Windsor Spitfire fan and a Canadian citizen i have had the honour of watching him and many other members of team Canada and OHL grow into NHL players. I also can say that as a hockey player he is not a BIT anything he is an important member of a team that works hard to give the fans of Milwaukee a team to be proud of. He and his fellow team mates need to be supported by the fans so they can become more confident and hopefully all make the leap to the NHL someday. They are a very young group of men in a highly competitive sport learning the way… point was maybe both the players and the fans both need to open up. When you come into the Windsor arena and watch our team play no matter if you are the Star or the Rookie you know that the 5000+ fans are on there to support you……do the Admirals have that…….

  15. It’s really not a big deal at all. We all like the players, and I think the players all like being in Milwaukee. All everyone was saying is that the fans have been a little closer to the players in the past few seasons, as they have this season.

  16. Not blaming asking……even though i listen to every game on the radio i am not there….and i do not mean do they have attendance….or do you cheer when they win/score…….hell i even cheer when the Wings score if i am there…….does the fan base interact with the team……example nicknames…….signs that motivate or poke fun……does the fan base show a personality? Does that make sense Taylor……heck on the radio i can hear the roar when they score……

  17. This has turned into an interesting discussion.

    I think unfitjg hit it out of the park with his comment. Very well said. And OUCH! brought up some good points in his second comment.

    I think at the end of the day….the team is just different, and that’s to be expected. Thuresson and Wilson were guys in their 4th years….fans have had time to get to know them, bump into them at events, and have interactions. There are a lot of new guys on the team, and fans just don’t know them all that well yet. And that’s fine. It’s a long season.

    I’m sure by the time the Celebrity Serve comes around, everyone will have new favorites.

  18. I have to 100% disagree with you, ryan. Let’s not confuse community service with personality. The Admirals as an organization do a great job with outreach. No one will doubt that. They interact with kids and the community and do a great job of it and have for years. Kudos to them for that. But I think the original point was that the team lacks PERSONALITY. We can give some players a pass because they don’t really speak English and may not feel comfortable around here. I’ve heard that Bourque is not a great English speaker and likes to keep to himself. But what’s Chris Mueller’s excuse? He does great interviews, but he never interacts with the fans. Van Guilder is a rising star, but he does not seem like an approachable, outgoing guy. Jeremy Smith? Am I to believe he’s shy? I don’t care how many kids line up to have him sign a napkin, Smith does nothing to endear himself to fans – other than being our clearcut best goalie right now. And I take issue with the notion that fans play a part. I’ve seen more signs this year than any year in recent memory. I see plenty of kids banging the glass during warm ups. I see all sorts of folks lined up around the stands by the tunnel. I think this squarely falls on the players. Not the organization. Not teams in the past. Not the fans. Maybe they will warm up to us, but right now, it feels like they all feel like Milwaukee is nothing more than a stepping stone and not a place to warm up to. That’s my 2-cents.

  19. I don’t know where I stand on this. I feel like I can’t blame a guy for being shy or reserved (Smith & Mueller are two that I believe are just quiet guys). I don’t think it means they don’t like Milwaukee or being a part of the Admirals family. I agree that we don’t really have a cut-up this year. I think maybe they are wound a little tight and are still finding their footing. It’s been a funny year for them-new coach who leaves 2 months in, loads of young, new guys. I don’t want to come down on them for lack of personality-that’s something you have or you don’t. Funny, I think this about the Preds team-they don’t seem like a particularily warm and fuzzy group whereas the Admirals seem much more approachable and likeable to me. I have seen loads of interviews from Van Gilder to Mueller to Thang talking about how they love the area and the team. Mueller just talked about being happy to be back and about how comfortable he feels here. I watched the interaction with them and the kids that played in the intermission last weekend and it was very warm and sweet.

  20. Strange, when I wrote this post on Tuesday I expected the discussion to veer toward the news that two NHL-level players will be spending time in Milwaukee–a point of significance this season for sure.

    I am guessing that the perceived personality traits of the team comes from the fact that this is second season in row with incredible player turnover in Milwaukee. I’ve found when writing on the team this season that my list of veterans to talk with about a story is limited.

    Part of that personality has to do with the Nashville organization as a whole. Clearly, Nashville does things differently than other NHL teams (for better or worse). They are small budget franchise and coach Barry Trotz would be the first to admit as such. Turnover is high, therefore their minor league franchise must be stocked with prospects ready and able to play in the NHL.

    Therefore, Milwaukee tends to feature a young, hungry and aggressive team. That might mean that some of players are less engaged with their American Hockey League cities, because they know they could be called up at anytime.

    But from getting to know some of the players, I can tell you that there is a ton personality in the Admirals’ locker room, from veterans like Scott Ford, Mark Van Guilder, Ryan Thang and Zach Stortini to the rookies still finding their way in the AHL. Just check out my story on Mark Van Guilder for further proof:

    Give them a chance and let them get their bearing in Milwaukee. Today is December 15 (23 games into the season). Many of the players have only lived in Milwaukee for two and half months and are playing hockey professionally for the first time in their careers–many in a totally new city. Let them get a chance to grow on you.

  21. Just my opinion Taylor. Yes, Tootoo is a wonderful guy in the community. Was just talking about them as a whole.

  22. So if we just give them more time, perhaps they will throw some pucks to children during warmups? And if we just give them some time, perhaps they will interact with fans on Twitter? Or perhaps after we give them some time, they will chat up fans in the tunnel? I think this is doubtful.

  23. Yep I know Griffin.

    And I agree Wade Bea, in the whole twitter thing. I’ve sent a ton of tweets to people on the team on twitter, not one response. Is it that hard?

  24. I generally never Twitter celebs or athletes because I don’t know them and I don’t think they owe it to me to respond. But I know that not everyone has the same feeling. And I’ve noticed that even the biggest celebs and athletes answer a fan Tweet every so often. But the current Ads have about a half dozen or so guys on Twitter and they NEVER answer fan Tweets. Jeremy Smith does once every blue moon, but that’s it. Blum Tweets back. Geoffrion Tweet back. Even Tootoo does. Is it that hard to shoot 4 words to a fan every once in a while?

  25. I can also attest to the fact that none of the current Admirals players on Twitter has ever answered one of my messages or questions. It’s actually kind of annoying.

  26. Hmmmm. Wonder if there is any sort of PR training for these kids? I know kindness, manners and a general nice disposition should be something that they have been taught by their parents. But maybe it doesn’t occur to them to be more accessible to their fans? I find it hard to believe we have an entire team of jerks. This topic never actually occurred to me until Wade Bea brought it up.
    On topic, I am decidedly meh on the return of Geoffrion. Not sure if it is because I didn’t think he deserved his promotion up to the big club last year or his automatic insertion into the lineup despite a preseason injury this October or what. I am interested to see what Blum does and who he is paired up with.

  27. I personally know this team does throw pucks out to kids. Not as often as other seasons but Scott Ford especially does. I have a friend who will stand by the glass and just wave to guys to get a response and every time Chris Mueller see her he winks or smiles or acknowledges her. I know the discussion is about on ice things but off ice they all have been super cool. Think it is crazy odd that people have said Jeremy Smith is quiet because every time me and my friends talk to him he is super cool and goofs around. He has one of the best personalities in my opinion.
    I have noticed that you usually need to give guys a year to adjust to the interactions with people. Most guys seem to be very awkward early on and they just simply need time and experience. On ice wise what more is there than to ask than to throw pucks? Of course guys who have only been here a little are less connected to the crowd and aren’t going to talk in the tunnel. I think a lot of the boost in interaction has to do with connections guys have with certain fans. Keep in mind these guys are mostly in their early 20s and now thrust into fans and probably don’t have that experience before. I know they are professionals but I would be awkward too if I had to interact with people in a city I haven’t been living in long. Give these guys a chance; I see no difference in personality than in the past five seasons. Granted I do go to every even the admirals put on and meet the players so I do get to talk to them often. It is hard to see their personality just on the ice, how can you judge guys for their personality and interaction with fans when glass separates us?
    For the record the only time the Santorellis offered anything good conversation wise was when they found themselves confused about something simple and made us laugh. They weren’t memorable in a good way.

  28. Nice comments bounce-thanks for the positive stories. I was someone who said Smith was quiet-maybe that wasn’t what I meant. I just meant he (and Mueller) strike me as very intense players who get focused in and around the arena. I have had some interaction with both too and agree that they are great guys. I think they are competing for their lives out there and prefer to stay as focused as possible. These are guys who are trying to get to the next level and goofing off isn’t going to get them there.
    O Taylor-maybe Latta has been made privy to the Twitter concerns. Haha!

  29. 33 responses!! That strikes me as funny because when the topic is strictly hockey, the reponse counter stays relatively cool. But Wade Bea’s post switched the focus to something less concrete- namely perception.

    I agree with a lot of the posts, This particular bunch of guys, when outside the scope of being handled by management, seem to be simply just here. That’s not bad nor is it good. Elaborating on my previous post, players from previous years had something you could identify them with: Klasen came off as a jerk, Yonkman a big guy with a commanding presence, Matt Ellison a goofball, Antti Pihlstrom a firestorm on the ice. This year we have…. a roster full of players. But one should also remember that only 8 players returned from last year, and that makes for a lot of newbies on the team, many of whom are still using their first razor blade. They are still standing against the wall at the junior dance trying to figure it all out.

  30. Really? Milwaukee is always in the top 30% of attendance in the league. A city 60 minutes West of Milwaukee has a crazy hockey atmosphere. You’re completely wrong on that one.

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