Blum Assigned To Milwaukee

Interesting news this afternoon.  Defenseman Jon Blum has been assigned to the Admirals.

He isn’t a stranger around these parts, but I didn’t figure we’d be seeing him at all this year after his strong performance in Nashville when he was called up towards the end of last season.  In 27 games this season, he had 2 goals and 3 assists, and was -11 defensively.  Blum had seen his ice time evaporate, and had recently been a healthy scratch.

So he’s coming to Milwaukee to get some confidence back and get his game back on track.

Which is great for everybody….that is, everybody not named Scott Valentine.

With Teemu Laakso back in the fold (he tweeked a lower body in jury in Chicago and was scratched yesterday as a precaution…he should be fine for this weekend) that pretty much is keeping Taylor Aronson off the ice.  And with Blum now back in town, I have a tough time making the case to scratch anyone else.

Which is too bad, because Scott Valentine has brought some great physical play to the blue line, and is not afraid to hit.  But who else are they going to scratch?

Ryan Ellis?  At times his play may merit a scratch….but there’s no way he doesn’t get playing time.

Sloan?  A good foil for Ellis, and has been pretty consistent on D.

Fordo?  Captain-o.

Bartley?  Dependable two-way player, and one of the unsung heroes of the season so far.

If Valentine is the guy that has to sit out in the short term, hopefully he’ll have the same attitude Grant Lewis had last year, and be ready and productive when his number is called next.

So Roundtable….if all hands on deck are healthy, who would you like to see scratched so that Blum can play?

8 thoughts on “Blum Assigned To Milwaukee”

  1. Valentine is the big hitter in the back. He makes the other teams swivel their heads. The Wolves are afraid of him. Blum or Ellis can’t play that role.

  2. Who said Aronson has played better than Valentine? Re-read the story, yo.

    Aronson is #8. Laakso’s presence makes him a scratch. So who is #7 on the chart now that Blummer is here? That’s the question.

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