Admiral All-Stars?

The AHL announced that they’ll be releasing the rosters for the 2011-12 All-Star game the first week of January, with fan voting beginning shortly thereafter to determine the starters.

While the Admirals have a very well balanced team with a great winning percentage so far, are there any individuals that you think merit consideration for the All-Star game?

18 points for Chris Mueller and Michael Latta officially rank them tied for 55th in the league in points (tied with 12 other skaters).

Latta is 10th in scoring among rookies, 14 points off of Cory Conacher’s lead with the Norfolk Admirals.

Ryan Ellis is ranked 10th in the league among defensemen in points.

Tyler Sloan is tied for 6th in the league in plus/minus, at +12.

Jeremy Smith, while second in the league with 13 wins, is 10th in GAA and, and 27th in save percentage (to be eligible for goalie rankings, they need to have played 480 minutes….or about 8 games)

Put them all together, you get a balanced team that is currently ranked 2nd in the conference in goals scored per game…but a team that lacks individual dominance.

So Roundtable — who on this team do you think is deserving of being on the All-Star team?

6 thoughts on “Admiral All-Stars?”

  1. The Admirals follow the scoring by commitee approach that the parent club does, so finding the standout with big stats on this club is going to be tough in any of the three phases.

    I nominate Aaron Sims as our representative to call the game…

  2. In all seriousness, I would nominate Jeremy Smith. He’s probably put forth the best individual effort on the team (and that statement should not be taken out of context… as was stated in the article this team is not built of individuals, rather its a group mentality).

    Just on stats alone, Ryan Ellis should be considered but we fans here in Milwaukee know stats don’t always tell the whole picture. He’s got some work to do before he’s an allstar in my book.

  3. Ok we all know who we vote for and We do listen to the games and know he is not playing his best he has ever played hockey…..but a name i hear often scoring etc is Puustinen is he All-star material………

    Go Elly Go

  4. Mueller is clearly the leader on this team. If anyone goes, it should be him. Honestly, though, we probably don’t have any real all-stars.

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