Chicago Again? Admirals and Wolves Set to Make it Five Matchups in 13 Games

Milwaukee’s opponent for Friday night’s game at the Bradley Center should look plenty familiar on Admirals fans’ ticket stubs. Milwaukee will be taking on . . . you guessed it . . . Chicago, for the fifth time in their first 13 games.

If it seems like Milwaukee plays the Wolves every other game, you would actually not be that far off.  The Admirals have actually had at least one game against Chicago every other weekend to date. Incredibly, tonight’s game ends that streak by giving the two teams a game on consecutive weekends.

So far the four prior contests produced positive results for Milwaukee, as the Admirals own a 3-1-0 record against the Wolves in 2011-2012. However, the teams’ most recent contest (last Saturday) resulted in 6-3 drubbing by Chicago at the Bradley Center.

After tonight’s fifth game against the Wolves, Milwaukee still has two more home games against Chicago in the 2011 calender year (Saturday, December 10 and Wednesday, December 28). Yet strangely, Milwaukee has yet to play division rival Rockford and will only face the Ice Hogs three times before New Years rolls around.

So Roundtable . . . What do you think of the Admirals’ schedule to date? Is its unbalance making you unbalanced? Are you getting sick of facing Chicago?

4 thoughts on “Chicago Again? Admirals and Wolves Set to Make it Five Matchups in 13 Games”

  1. As much as I don’t like the wolves I kinda like it when our games vs them are spread out over the year, makes them more fun to look forward to. Hope the guys are pumped for 3 in 3 this weekend and ready to nab at least 5 out of 6 that would make me pleased. I’m lookin’ for scott valentine to lay out duco tonight and V-Bart to chip in a goal! Go ads!!!!!!

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