Champagne Recalled To Milwaukee

Joel Champagne is making his way back to Milwaukee.  This may or may not be injury related, but with the 3-in-3 this weekend, it probably will be nice for the coach to have an extra forward around.

Or maybe it’s a performance promotion.  Champagne has four goals and an assist in five games with the Cyclones, including the game winning goal last night against Toledo.


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4 Responses to Champagne Recalled To Milwaukee

  1. Casey Hesson says:

    Maybe it is because they are going to send Muller up to the Preds? :)

  2. MiB says:

    I don’t know if Champagne is ready for a head coaching gig in the AHL…

  3. Griffin says:

    Hahaha-MiB…I did think at the beginning of the season-it is going to get confusing! Mueller….Muller…..whatever!

  4. adsfan says:

    I believe that Casey dropped an “e” out of Chris’ last name. But you know that already, Man in Black!

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