Turnovers Costly Again, Ads Lose To Wolves

Last weekend, turnovers were the ultimate culprit of an Admirals 6-3 loss to the Wolves.

It was a similar story tonight.

The Admirals spotted the Wolves a 5-0 lead before losing again by a 6-3 score.  The win was the 4th in a row for the Wolves, who are playing some pretty good hockey right now.

Credit the Wolves for finishing.  But the Admirals can’t make things so easy for them.  Here’s Coach Muller.

– Sloan had the first turnover that led to a goal.
– Ellis had a pair of turnovers that turned into goals.
– Bartley with the yonking penalty to create a 5-on-3 power play for Chicago that they ended up converting on.
– Engren?  Had so little faith in leaving the puck for Ellis, he played it himself and passed right to Duco for a shorthanded goal.  Okay, it wasn’t exactly like that….we’ll let Atte describe what happened.

Coach Muller in his pre-game chalk talk with the season ticket holders talked about how a lot more mistakes are made on the ice in the AHL, and they don’t always cost you like they would at the NHL level.  Tonight, they certainly did.

The Admirals outshot the Wolves 13-5 in the third period (according to the shot counter), ad carried most of the play. Juuso Puustinen had a pair of goals.  After I made fun about the Hockey’s Future writer earlier this week for saying that Puustinen plays a Hornqvist kind of game, there he was down in front of the crease for both of his goals.

So it’s going to be a long bus-ride to Grand Rapids tonight.  You may recall that the day before the Griffins made their BC debut this year, thay had a rough one at home against Abbotsford.  Then they came into our barn and pretty much dominated the Admirals.  Milwaukee now has the chance to return the favor.  Here’s the message to the team from the coach.


Lines started out:

Bourque – Mueller – Thang
Beck – Latta – Puustinen
Flynn – Van Guilder – Wilson
Champagne – Lajunen – Ryan

Smitty in goal, relieved shortly after his fourth goal against by Atte Engren.

Stortini’s arm was sliced in the Oklahoma City game last weekend.  Needed some stitches, and needs a little time to heal.  That’s why he wasn’t out there tonight.


-For those of you that were at the chalk talk, what did you think of the Coach?  Did you like his style better than Lane’s?
– Ready to not see the Wolves for another three weeks?
-Think the Admirals will rebound well tomorrow?

2 thoughts on “Turnovers Costly Again, Ads Lose To Wolves”

  1. I left the game early. It was sicking to see the team play so poorly.
    It was clear that they were not ready to play tonight. Tons of mental mistakes and they were as flat as Illinois. (Had to throw in the flatlanders pun)
    It looked likes the Wolves were hustling and the ads were not.
    Poor defense, poor shot selection and bad special teams. To top it off they gave up a short handed goal, then played dump and chase for a large part of the game.
    Uninspired play sums it all up. All teams lay an egg once and a while. the good ones makes sure it is a rare experience. I think they will rebound, but they sure need to play with more hustle.

  2. The team looked flat from the start of the game. I’m sure they’ll rebound though going forward as we’ve seen them do so before.

    Regarding the chalk talk, I like Lane better. He could come to the talk prepared with some sort of story or point to get across whereas Muller just said “Hi, anyone have a question?” Putting that aside, when he spoke about hockey systems, NHL teams, etc. it was very interesting. I’d like to sit down and listen to him explain the game from a coaching perspective. I’m sure he’ll get more “comfortable” doing these talks though so either way, it should be enjoyable for the fans to attend! :)

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