A Milwaukee vs. Charlotte Home-and-Home Series in Nashville and Raleigh?

This week the Binghamton Senators and Hamilton Bulldogs are staging a home-and-home series at their respective NHL team’s rinks for the third consecutive year.

Why do I bring up this fact?

In its brief history this miniseries has been extremely successful at the gate.  At Scotiabank Place, the AHL Sens drew 8,427 for Hamilton’s 5-2 win over Binghamton on November 13.  Meanwhile, in all five of Hamilton games played in Montreal, attendance has not dipped below 14,500 for any contest.

Obviously, Montreal and Ottawa are hockey-mad Canadian markets where just about any professional game would sell tickets, but with the addition of the Charlotte Checkers to the Midwest division, a new possibility has developed that Nashville and Carolina could potentially choose to exploit.

What if Milwaukee and Charlotte staged a home-and-home series in their respective NHL affiliate’s rinks, paired with a Nashville-Carolina series? 

It is no secret that come this upcoming summer’s realignment, Nashville would favor a move into a division with the rest of the teams located in the geographic Southeast–this idea might help the cause.

Normally, a Nashville-Carolina game isn’t a marquee event that would draw sellouts.  But this could draw interest with the fan bases of both Milwaukee and Charlotte, who could travel to attend a two-game combo–an AHL game in the afternoon combined with an NHL game at night.

With some luck Nashville vs. Carolina and Milwaukee vs. Charlotte could develop into a rivalry, with opposing tailgates to boot.  The Predators and Hurricanes play often during the preseason, this would just take things a step further.

So Roundtable . . . What do you think?  Is this idea too far-fetched, or would you be interested in a fan bus to Tennessee for a Milwaukee/Nashville combo day against Charlotte and Carolina?

3 thoughts on “A Milwaukee vs. Charlotte Home-and-Home Series in Nashville and Raleigh?”

  1. It’s an interesting idea. I think in the end, it comes down to money. While the large crowds are great from a state-of-the-organization aspect…who gets the proceeds from the gate? That’s one less home game for the AHL team, and what’s the motivation for the NHL team to put on the show if they don’t get a share of the proceeds?

    I think if they want it to happen, they certainly have the capabilities to make it happen….hopefully the money issues could be solved in a win-win scenario.

  2. How about someone from the AHL we don’t see and combo it up? Hershey/Washington as an example.
    Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…how about someone we do, like Rockford where we might be able to see an away pairing with the Hawks and vice versa.
    Hurricanes/Preds as a rivalry doesn’t really do it for me.

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