Update From Admiral Training Camp

We had the chance (and by we, I mean Aaron Sims, Dave Boehler, CP, and myself) to talk to Coach Muller after his first Admiral practice on Tuesday about a variety of topics.

Coach was the man in charge behind the bench in the rookie games earlier this month.  Him?  Nervous?  No way.

Kirk had set up some of the practices down in Nashville, but this is what he was thinking about when designing the first few Milwaukee practices.

So how DID the first practice go?  Here’s what he liked the most from the first session.

That’s good to hear, but while this was the first day of Milwaukee’s camp….many of these guys have been in training camp mode for a couple weeks now.  But still, it’s good to hear that they are ready to work.

Now, Nashville will certainly be sending us some more players.  So what we see this weekend will likely look a lot different than what we see opening night.  But Coach is making the best of his time with the guys that are here right now.

Here’s what Coach says he is looking to get out of the two pre-season games this weekend.

So player evaluation is of course a big part of things, but it sounds like what they practice next week will be determined by how well or how poorly the new guys seem to grasp the systems in these game situations.

An finally…Coach Muller threw out the first pitch at the Brewers game on Monday night.  Here’s what he thought of his effort.

So Roundtable, aside from just watching live hockey again, what are you looking forward to the most in the games this weekend?  Seeing the new guys?  Seeing how some of the young guys like Beck and Latta have improved since we last saw them?  And what do you think of Coach’s demeanor with the media?  Sounds a bit different than Lane, eh?

One thought on “Update From Admiral Training Camp”

  1. I was very impressed with the way coach handled practice, very particular to details, and demanding crispness. Players were on the ice about 20 minutes before the scheduled 10:30 start time, and practice was rolling by 10:20, and went a full 15-20 minutes after noon….good to see that work ethic.

    Hard to tell who was standing out with no jersey numbers, but everything looked pretty sharp.

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