Thang Returned; Hunter Goes Home

Not to be filed under “S” for “Surprising News”, Ryan Thang has been assigned to the Admirals.  Not sure why the delay, especially since Preds practice yesterday was cancelled.  Maybe the Frontier Airlines flight to Milwaukee was full?  Who knows.  Anyway.  He’s on his way, and should be at practice tomorrow.

In other news…

Former Admiral Dylan Hunter, has ended his playing career and is set to begin his COACHING career.  He’ll be an assistant coach for the London Knights of the OHL this year…as a 26 year old.

How did he get an interview?  What did they see in him to trust them with players that really aren’t that much younger than him?

See…he kind of knows someone.

His family kind of owns the place.

Father Dale Hunter is the owner, president and head coach of the team.  Uncle Mark is the owner, vice president, and general manager.

And Dylan isn’t exactly a stranger to the team.  He played with the Knights from 01-06, and helped them win the 2005 Memorial Cup.

So good luck in your new endeavors, Dylan.  Hopefully you learned a thing or two from Lane, and will be just as successful.

2 thoughts on “Thang Returned; Hunter Goes Home”

  1. Thanks for the link, FiC. We’ll have to figure out the Swedish translation for all of Mark’s nicknames… nah, just kidding.

    Best of luck to both Mark and Mike this year.

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