Welcome Back to Milwaukee Jeremy Smith

It seems the Nashville Predators have made their decision on which goaltenders they would prefer to carry for the 2011-2012 NHL campaign.

No surprise here, but netminder Jeremy Smith was returned to Milwaukee this evening, just in time to potentially suit up at tomorrow’s training camp session in the Brew city.

After an impressive AHL post season run last spring (on top of an stellar ECHL run a year before that), Smith continued to make noise as a prospect with his solid play during this fall’s Predators training camp.  Nashville general manager David Poile will likely have Smith’s number on speed dial in case of another Pekka Rinne injury this season.

Now back down on the farm full time, Smith has a chance to turn some heads and get noticed on larger scale with the Admirals as he will likely see the majority of starts for Milwaukee.  Goaltenders Atte Engren and Chet Pickard are left to battle for the coveted backup slot for a team with numerous three games in three nights scenarios early in their AHL schedule.

So Roundtable, handicap the horse race for backup goaltender, will it be Engren or Pickard? In a spot start for Smith, who would you rather see between the pipes for the Admirals?

6 thoughts on “Welcome Back to Milwaukee Jeremy Smith”

  1. I think Pickard will get every opportunity to have that position, but if he falters again, he will be replaced by Engren. The Predators have more of an interest in seeing Pickard succeed since they used such a high pick on him.

  2. I’d rather have atte backing smith but I’m sure its going to be chet BUT in the back of my mind I see something else happening…. Depending on if and how much money nashville spends on weber and what they are planning to spend on pekka will lead to different situations. Let’s just say that weber and pekka are both getting signed to longer contracts with nashville, I see them either trading smith or more likly lindback for some old washed up vet for a one year run at the playoffs and calling smith up to nashville leaving us with a less than steller former round 1 pick and atte who I feel is only going to get better as time goes on. Hope I’m wrong, just glad hockey is back!!!

  3. I’d like it to be Engren, but I think it’ll be Chet, despite the fact that he wasn’t even the best goalie on his team in the ECHL last season. The guy seems to have unlimited second chances in this organization. If he earns it, then great. If he stops letting in softies, then great. But we don’t really have anything else to go on until that happens.

  4. I would like to see Smith and Engren in Milwaukee. Could be a Cup year with that dynamic duo!
    My guess is that Chet will be the back-up until January, when Engren (who will set Cincy on fire) comes up to replace him.

  5. My guess is that Engren won’t play in Cinci. Atte earns a change to show his skills at Admirals. If the coaches are so blind to see the difference between Atte and Chet, he will go back to Europe.

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