Preds Make Cuts, No Surprises

After their big come-from-behind win against the Winnipeg Jets, the Preds announced their first round of cuts.  Most of these guys are travelling today so that they’ll be ready to go when the Admirals open their training camp tomorrow (Monday).

I don’t think any of these are surprising.

FORWARDS:  Taylor Beck, Joel Champagne, Ryan Flynn, Jani Lajunen, Michael Latta, Juuso Puustinen, Josh Shalla, Robert Slaney, Mark Van Guilder

DEFENSEMEN:  Taylor Aronson, Victor Bartley, Scott Ford, Jeff Foss, Charles-Olivier Roussel, Scott Valentine

GOALTENDERS:  Atte Engren, Chet Pickard


Notables still in camp:  Gabriel Bourque, Blake Geoffrion, Chris  Mueller,  Craig Smith, Zach Stortini, Ryan Thang, Kyle Wilson, Mattias Ekholm, Ryan Ellis, Jack Hillen, Roman Josi, Tyler Sloan, Jeremy Smith.

Discussion:   Will Chris Mueller start the season with the big club, as he’s currently the team leader in pre-season goals?  Do Craig Smith and Ryan Ellis become the latest examples of how the road to Nashville goes through Milwaukee?  Would you rather have Sloan or Hillen on the Admiral blue line?  Which of the new guys that have been sent down are you most excited to see?

6 thoughts on “Preds Make Cuts, No Surprises”

  1. mueller deserves to be in nashville, we works both ways of the ice great penalty killer and good on face offs

  2. I think Jack Hillen and Teemu Laakso would make a very solid 3rd defense pairing for Nashville. Too bad Roman Josi got hurt set him back a bit .

  3. I imagine Jeremy Smith is staying up in case something happens to Pekka or Anders, and so he can get some more facetime with Mitch Korn. That said….the backup goalie competition begins tomorrow. It’ll be about as exciting as a backup QB competition. One guy will win, one guy will lose, but you hope nothing ever happens to your #1 guy….

    Mueller is certainly making it a tough decision for Poile & Co.

    I think Laakso seems to be underappreciated by the Nashville bloggers/press…but I agree, a Hillen/Laakso pairing could be pretty solid. Hopefully Josi’s injury isn’t going to be long term…

    Saw Begin was released — apparently he suffered an injury earlier in camp. Looks like he was simply released instead of re-assigned to Chicago, so it doesn’t look like we’ll have to worry about playing against him 12 times this year…

    As for the new guys, I’m looking forward to seeing Puustinen. Word on the street is that there is some offensive skill there. Maybe not the hands of a Klasen, but he’s also supposed to be a bit more well-rounded of a player.

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