Mid-Summer Caption Contest

To help pass the time, here’s another caption contest.

We Scott Paulus provides the picture, you provide the funny.  And if your funny is funnier than everyone else’s funny, you’ll win media room cookies at a game this season.

For example:  Jamie Koharski conducts the Ad-Tones in a performance of “Coney Island Baby”

Good luck!

13 thoughts on “Mid-Summer Caption Contest”

  1. Mark Van Guilder and Maek Santorelli struggle to keep Gabrielle Bourque from eating Matt Hackett.

  2. Bourque is leading the crowd in the “haaaaaaaaaackett haaaaaaaackett haaaaaaaaaaackett YOU SUCK!!” Chant.

  3. Bourque- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s one rugged playoff beard you’ve got there Guilder! Uh Santo, you’ve got something on your chin.

  4. I got in trouble for my original post so here is take two, it won’t be as good :)…..

    ” doh, RAY!, me”

  5. Those of you headed to the NHL, you start to sing the Predators’ fight song. Whoa whoa whoa – not so fast Santorelli….

  6. Gabriel Borque, “Really Ref?! I GET a vuvuzela?! MVG and Scratch, too?!”

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