Kelsey Wilson Signs With Marlies

(Photo credit:  Scott Paulus)

As he was exiting the ice at the Bradley Center after Game 7 against the Aeros, it looked like he was trying to soak it all in.

Still, there was hope that he’d stick around with the Ads/Preds for another year.

Today, the Marlies announced that they’ve signed Wilson to a contract.  (It was the GM of the Marlies making the announcement….not Brian Burke.)

Kelsey has suited up in more games as an Admiral than any other player since the team joined the AHL in 2001.  His demeanor on and off the ice will be missed, for sure.

Leave a comment with your favorite Kelsey moment from over the years, if you have one.

7 thoughts on “Kelsey Wilson Signs With Marlies”

  1. He was awesome at the Admirals Celebrity Serve this year. Talked to everyone, and was kind to everyone. He was a class act. He even pretended to get punched out by the kid. Then to top it off he sold the shirt off his back. His actually shirt, not just the serve T-shirt. All the while he was a professional.

    Most of all he was injured, and fought the pain to help the Ads.

    I hope he’ll play some in the NHL, he’s due. If not, I hope we welcome him back with open arms.

    I also think he needs his number put in the rafters. He deserves it big time.

    I’ll cheer for him during the introductions, he epitomized what it means to be a Milwaukee Admirals.

    Best of Luck Kelsey!

  2. My best memory of his was our first Admirals game (well my first one in like 15 years and my girlfriend’s first EVER). The game was at the end of January 2008 against the Wolves. Wilson beat the snot out of one of their players and had himself a hell of a game (I believe he had a Gordie Hat Trick that night). That game got us both addicted to hockey and turned us into Ads season ticket holders. If it weren’t for him, who knows what happens…What would I do with myself? Hockey helps eat so much of that time between football seasons!!!

    So, thanks Kelsey, I can’t speak for everybody, but the two of us will definitely miss you!

  3. That image of him and thurreson looking around after game 7 will be burned in my brain, it sucks he left but hope he can do what he can to get to the nhl, I predict he goes to “south milwaukee” aka florida panthers to reunite with …. Everybody!!

  4. My favorite memory is Kelsey in the penalty box in January 2011 when a beer hawker comes down the aisle. Kelsey is motioning the guy that he *wants* a beer, the hawker just shakes his head *no*, leaves really Fast and Kelsey shrugs his shoulders as if to say, ‘What gives?!’

  5. My favorite Kelsey Wilson moment was his TV commercial where he was sitting in an easy chair and reading the newspaper in the penalty box at the BC.

    On the ice about two years ago he checked a Chicago Wolves player in the neutral zone at the BC. A 260 pound goon jumped off the Chicago bench and tried punch Kelsey from behind. The goon missed because Wilson skated too fast for him. The goon was suspended for 10 games for coming off of the bench to start a fight and Chicago/Atlanta dumped him after the season.

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