Hastily Called Press Conference

Good evening.  Thank you for joining us tonight.

Four score and seven months ago (ballpark figure), our bloggers brought forth, upon this Internet, a new idea, conceived in photos, and dedicated to the proposition that our readers were pretty funny and could make funny captions to those photos.

Yes, our world famous caption contests.  (Famous in our world at least).  They have been a staple of the old blog and the new blog, and helped us pass the time during slow news weeks.  And we have offered prizes that you just can’t win anywhere else.  Media room cookies.  Delicious.  Especially when I’m able to yoink them from under the heat lamp, so that the chocolate is just a littly gooey, and the cookies kind of melt in your  mouth when you eat them….man, that’s the stuff.

The folks from the Admirals have taken notice.  And just a few short hours ago, they have declared war on Admirals Roundtable.

(Disclaimer:  They haven’t declared war….they love us…..but I’m taking this opportunity to be overdramatic…. so follow me on this here.  I repeat — this is supposed to be over-the-top, and in no way suggesting that we are in some kind of a feud with the team.  Have I made this disclaimer clear enough?  If so, great.  You may proceed.)

Just 2 days after we released our latest caption contest, the Admirals have started their own caption contest, promoting it on Facebook, Twitter, and more.  And in just 3 short hours, they’ve got 62 comments already on their Facebook page.  They have the firepower and reach, that a simple working class blog like mine just doesn’t have.

The timing is very suspect.

Yet, what are they offering as prizes?  I have seen it advertised as “something you will treasure forever.”  and “something amazing”.  They’re out of autographed James Sixsmith nameplates, so really, what could it be?  Right?  Right.

They are trying to silence our piece of the caption contest pie.  Or cookie, if you will.

So what can YOU do help our cause?

Go to that caption contest on the Admirals Facebook page and/or twitter account, and tell them that you support your working class blog, Admiralsroundtable.com, and that while you acknowledge their contest and interest in passing the time duriing the dog days of summer, you refuse to participate on principle.

Or, you can take their picture, and leave a BETTER caption on this blog here.  Show the Admirals that it’s not about quantity, it’s about QUALITY.

(photo credit:  Scott Paulus)

Or you can do nothing, and that’s fine too.

Ok.  /silliness.

Back to regular content tomorrow….hopefully with some good news about Shea Weber’s contract.

12 thoughts on “Hastily Called Press Conference”

  1. He flies through the air with the greatest of ease,
    The winger who left for the Toronto Marlies…

  2. “Captain Ahab” Wilson harpoons Ortmeyer to keep him from scoring

    Couldn’t play on the Admirals facebook and twitter since I don’t have accounts to either. 99% of that stuff on there is “Hi, I just made cabbage!”, “My knees ache, is it raining?”, “Why don’t I fall over more?”


  3. Admirals figure out the only way to stop him is to drive a wooden stake into his heart.

  4. Wilson- “if an aero and I fall on the ice and everyone sees it will the ref call us for tripping and diving?”

  5. It is the centerpiece of my shrine to mediocre hockey next to the Nolan Yonkman autographed copy of “The Goonies”.

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