Yesterday’s News: Andreas Thuresson Traded To Rangers

(photo credit: Scott Paulus)

Thanks to those who got this topic going in the previous post, while I was away from my computer yesterday…..

The Predators announced on Saturday that they traded forward Andreas Thuresson to the Rangers for Brodie Dupont — a 6’2 210 pound forward, who spent the majority of last season with the Hartford Wolfpack/Connecticut Whale.

Essentially…the teams swapped a pair of fourth year pros/RFA’s.

Feel free to disagree with me, but Thuressons ’10-’11 campaign was a huge disappointment.  The 30 game goal-less streak sticks out to me, and he seemed very disinterested out there at times.  We had seen him be a force on the ice in previous seasons, and the killer instinct didn’t seem to be there, for whatever reason.  I know Coach Lambert expected more out of a 4th year player like him.  But it had to be tough for Thuresson to sit back and watch all the other call-ups.  Off the ice, he was a great guy and was a great hockey embassador to the community….but hopefully a change of scenery will help jumpstart his career.

Dupont, 24 years old, was 3rd on the team in points (14g, 31a), and made his NHL debut with the Rangers….one game, no counting stats.

For those of you pining for a more physical presence on the team, you may find Dupont to be an upgrade over Thuresson.  Dupont looks like a guy that will drop the gloves to stand up for himself and to stand up for his teammates without any hesitation.

Again, he’s a restricted free agent right now, so he still needs to sign with the Predators before we start penciling him into the lineup down here.  But then again, with the lack of movement the Predators have displayed in the free agent period, heck, he may end up on the 4th line in Nashville next year if he signs!

The Predators are the only team in the league that hasn’t signed anybody since free agent season started on Friday.   Not true anymore!  Niclas Bergfors signed today (Sunday).

So Roundtable….are you sad to see Thuresson go?  Was the writing on the wall?  Excited to see what this Dupont kid can do?

5 thoughts on “Yesterday’s News: Andreas Thuresson Traded To Rangers”

  1. Sad to see AT go, but more so for his personality and off-the-ice activities than for what he did once the puck dropped. I think he tried harder than people give him credit for. I saw him practice and I saw him put time in before games. But the puck just didn’t bounce right for him. AS for off the ice, he was a star. Always smiling. Always had a puck to toss to kids. Always a moment to spare. Heck he was the only player at the Ads’ Garage Sale.

    I think the Ads will be a soft team next year. Let’s just hope we can replace both the talent and the personalities. No more Dex. No more Thuresson. No more Palin or Johnson. I like Lax and I like Jeremy Smith for what they do on the ice, but those guys don’t exactly exude personality.

  2. I’m sad to see Thury go just because he’s a good team guy. Yeah, he had a disappointing season numbers wise, but with all the line shuffling, it was hard this year to get a solid rhythm going. I’ll 2nd Neil’s comments about his character off the ice. He really liked Milwaukee.

  3. Blaming it on the line shuffling?
    Now you’re just making up excuses for him.
    No arguments from me about off-the-ice stuff…..but Thuresson’s season is awfully tough to sugar coat.

  4. AT went nearly half a season without scoring. He did have a fight or two. He picked it up at the end of the season, but way too late for me.

  5. I’m disappointed to see Thuresson go because I felt he had the talent to succeed and I like his aggressiveness and at times, his energy. I’m not disappointed because unfortunately he just didn’t materialize here in Milwaukee. The change in scenery should be good for him.

    Best of luck to him.

    I do like the prospect of DuPont’s more physical game.

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