Today’s News: Franson & Lombardi Traded To Toronto

(photo credit:  Scott Paulus)

Still no signings….but here’s a second trade.

Cody Franson and Matthew Lombardi have been traded to the Toronto Maple Leafs for defenseman Brett Lebda and forward Robert Slaney.

Lebda has a Stanley Cup ring.  So that’s nice, I guess.  Blogger Emeritus and resident Red Wings fan/correspondent Eric Kent offers these thougths on Lebda:  “Meh.  Neither physical nor overtly skilled.  When playing well, you won’t notice him.  When off, he’ll turn the puck over and lose battles”

Slaney has split time the last two seasons between the Toronto Marlies and the Reading Royals of the ECHL.  In his last year in juniors, he led the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles in goals and points, and was second in PIM’s.

Since then, his pro career hasn’t been anything to jump for joy about.  In the 09-10 season, he was a -20 defensively for the Toronto Marlies in just 34 games.  Granted, the Marlies gave up the second most goals in the conference that year…but still… That number is an eyesore.   Of the 1,152 players who played in the AHL that season, only 11 had a worse defensive rating, and they all did it over the course of at least 67 games.  Yuk.

Last season Slaney spent only 9 games with Toronto, and the rest in Reading.  In the playoffs, he stepped up a bit with a goal and three assists in four games.

Tough to say right now whether he’ll probably be ticketed to Milwaukee or Cincy.

But the $64,000 question is….why on earth did Brian Burke let the Predators off the hook for Lombardi’s contract?!?!?!

9 thoughts on “Today’s News: Franson & Lombardi Traded To Toronto”

  1. Does anyone see what the plan is for the Preds/Ads? I don’t. They are clearing the roster and opening cap space, but to what end?

  2. Last year they unloaded Arnott to free up some cap space to eventually sign…..Lombardi. So there is some precedence here. But we’re kind of stuck in limbo while we wait for the other shoe to drop.

    The Preds seem to not be interested in paying significantly over market value, which is what so many of the day 1 and 2 free agents went for.

    I’m not worried yet…but I’m not particularly encouraged either…

  3. I’m no Toronto fan, but has Brian Burke ever done anything that makes sense to them?

    Sucks seeing Cody leave the franchise for a couple of turds.

  4. There’s obviously more going on. The Preds are way under the cap. I read on another blog they around $30 mil short of what they plan to spend this year. Weber has to be signed but he won’t use all that up. That leaves a hefty chunk still there. Perhaps they are planning to overpay a bit on some of the RFA’s who may become UFA’s due to the QO debacle? I expect another trade or two to happen though to fill in the gaps.

  5. Hi folks, Happy 4th of July!

    I believe Ryan asked why Burke was so generous. 1.45 million dollars for arguably one of the worst blueliners in the NHL in Brett Lebda for one, so basically the Preds create only 2 mil in capspace. If Lombardi does not play 60 games, he get’s the Preds 4th in 2013 and Matt goes on LTIR thus opening up 3.5 mil in caproom. If he does play that many games, 25-30 goals is not out of the question, and for 3.5 mil, a relative bargain. If he plays 59 games and does this, The Preds still owe him the 4th rounder! Remember, Joel Ward just got a 3 mil contract. That’s right, Joel freaking Ward. He gets Cody Franson who ranked among the highest for points by a blueliner in relation to TOI and is cap friendly at 800k. He got rid of Lebda. This can’t be stated enough. Brett managed to go -3 in a Toronto 9-3 WIN last year.

  6. Nashville must not be that interested in contending for much, last year they had a really nice team that really was not star studded, and got to face a tough vancouver did they do that? Line chemistry and effective defense. Now they trade franson and lombardi away for a half ham sandwhich. Toronto made out like bandits while nashville continues to just send talent away. I mean think of who they have just thrown away over the years, pevs, upshall, fiddler, shishkanov, mike santorelli, and now franson and they can’t understand why they can’t do jack in the playoffs?! Well when you never build enough consitant lines you won’t win! Zanon there’s another throw away, if they hang onto some of those guys maybe they do something!

  7. Lebda is a pylon. He has no offense, unlike Franson. They traded for the wrong Slaney!

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