Dekanich & Johnson To Columbus

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Free agent frenzy began this morning at 11am, and all of the action from the Predators organization so far has been guys walking out the door instead of in the door…

Mark Dekanich signed a one-way deal with Columbus, per Aaron Portzline, who covers the Blue Jackets for the Columbus Dispatch.  Haven’t seen the contract numbers yet…but we’ll update the post when they are made public.  (UPDATE:  $575k is what is being reported…one-year deal.)

The Dispatch did a blog post about the signing this evening, and here are some highlights:

Dekanich’s anonymity coupled with Mason’s struggles over the past two seasons likely will unnerve some Jackets fans. You could almost here the fan base collectively asking, “Mark Who?” But Howson said he’s talked with AHL sources who had the 6-foot-2, 192-pound goalie on the same level as Washington’s prized prospect Brayden Holtby.

“We think he’s ready,” Howson said. “It’s a bit of a risk but we think he’s ready. Given what was available after a few hours, no doubt . . . There are top goalies in the American League who are ready for a chance . . . Eventually, these guys play. Why can’t they play here?”

So congrats to Dex, and congrats to Columbus and their scouts for doing their homework.  I think they’ll be pleased with the return on their investment.

Aaron Johnson signed a two-way deal with Columbus as well.  A return engagement in that organization.

Joel Ward is a Capital.  Steve Sullivan’s back is Penguins property.  Panther fans will now be the ones to mispronounce Marcel Goc’s name.

Stay tuned…

14 thoughts on “Dekanich & Johnson To Columbus”

  1. at this point, there’s a good chance I’m suiting up somewhere in the Preds organization.

  2. Interesting, i thought Dex and Lindback would duke it out in training camp with the loser then getting shipped out. Guess the door is open a little more for Dex in Columbus. Looks like the Smith show for us.

    The Preds have to start making some moves.

  3. Between last year’s transactions along with Yonkman and Goc, I’d say it’s pretty obvious somebody with the Panthers has an unnatural (and creepy) obsession with the Preds/Ads. I think a restraining order should be in the works…

    Not surprised to see Dex go, but really surprised they’re willing to give him a one way deal. He had a shaky start to 2009/2010 which gave him a quick demotion to the ECHL. He came back strong as hell and was a top AHL goaltender in 2010/2011 until he got bit by the injury bug. Surprised to see a team risk so much with very limited time…Oh well, wish him the best! We’re set with Jeremy Smith, and will (hopefully) get some good competition between Atte Engren, Magnus Hellberg, and that other guy, what’s-his-name? Jean Luc Pickard or something???

    Any chance Nashville sign Stamkos to a two way deal and assigns him to Milwaukee??? On a more serious note, can we get Nashville to do something in free agency besides helping Marcel Goc pack his bags?

  4. What’s shocking to me was the overpayment for Joel Ward. I mean no offense to Ward, but $3mil a year? He’s a good solid guy, but I don’t think he’s a $3mil guy…

    So what other vets are around that can be picked up and assigned to Milwaukee? We need one now…

  5. Florida’s Assistant GM is Mike Santos, who I believe held the same role in Nashville a few years back. And since Florida picked up 92 players yesterday, it’s only fair to believe a good amount of them had ties to our organization ;)

    I guess we need to find someone new to update us on their Call of Duty stats while the team they play for is in the playoffs?

  6. Maybe Lane Lambert was promoted because half of his Admirals team is going to be coming up to Nashville to fill all the open roster spots. At this rate, the Ads are going to be a sorry looking bunch next year. Welcome to life in the AHL, Coach Muller.

  7. If the Preds lose the 5 RFA’s BOTH teams will really be screwed. Still don’t understand why you would wait til the last minute to send out their offers and why they didn’t fax copies.

    Good for Dex. Should be interesting to see the goalie situation here playout. Pickard lost 20lbs. and is supposedly looking back to form so he can’t be counted out. I know I am 1 of the 3 people who haven’t given up on him, but Trotz hasn’t either.

    Sorry to see Thuresson gone, expected it just not in this way. He was a fun guy to talk to.

    What did I miss about Yonkman???

  8. Losing Deks blows, but he was in the last year of the his contract wasn’t he? 3rd in the AHL with a 2.02 GAA and 1st in Save % with .931. A no risk signing by Columbus. He fills his diaper in camp, he sneaks through waivers, he plays well, a solid backup with the Jackets.

    Aaron Johnson. Unfortunately the Ads don’t get to play against him this year.

    Rangers fans are miffed they lost DuPont. It’s kind of a lateral move, but he brings a little more punch to the table than Thurry.

    Preds as usual are sitting on their hands during FA and are looking for bargains. Looking at what’s left after the last two days though, I may have to go outside and scream at the plants to relieve some frustration…

  9. Sorry to see Dex and Aaron Johnson leave. The Admirals need a veteran or two and some toughness.

  10. Good for dex to finally get his chance! And I think yonks contract is an nhl deal.

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