TGIDD, And Other Notes

Man, if ESPN pretended the NHL draft was even a 5th as important as the NBA draft….I think we’d all be pretty happy.

We’ll get to meet some of the Admirals and Predators of the future over the next two days.

Unless the Preds make a trade of some kind, they’ll like just be sitting on the floor of the XCel Energy Center with popcorn in tow, as they currently don’t have a first round pick due to the Mike Fisher trade.  But GM David Poile has admitted that there have been offers from other teams to provide a 1st round pick, in exchange for one of the youngsters in the system.  We’ll see if he takes them up on it….maybe find a new home for Charles-Olivier Roussell….

Round 1 is on Versus tonight.

Josh Cooper from the Tennessean has a nice draft preview….It’s a nice piece, except for one segment which I think should have been left on the chopping room floor.  Because Hockey’s Future doesn’t know anything!!!!!!!!

“They could use some skill,” said Ken McKenna, managing editor of

“The best guys will probably go high in the draft, but they could get somebody who slips to the second round.”

Where else can we get that kind of analysis?  Sounds like John Madden has a new gig.  The sad thing, is that’s probably the best quote Josh got from HF.  All together now…..sigh.

Section 303 highlights some names to keep an eye on.


Mazel tov’s to former Admirals coach Claude Noel, who will remain in Winnipeg to coach the NHL team this season.  The Puck Daddy blog weighs in, and is not surprised.

Pretty predictable, this one: Haviland was GM Kevin Cheveldayoff’s guy in Chicago, Noel worked under True North Sports and Entertainment, which owned and operated the Moose before buying and relocating the Thrashers.

So the general manager liked one guy, and the guys who sign his checks were familiar with the other guy. And look who got the gig!

Best of luck to Claude!


The 2011-12 NHL schedule came out yesterday, and with Winnipeg playing in the Southeast division this season, conventional wisdom suggests that they would probably be getting the most frequent flyer miles of the whole league.

They have their fair share, but it’s not the most.

Dirk from On The Forecheck put out his annual Super Schedule shortly after the NHL schedule was released.  Always a very interesting read, so I highly encourage you to check it out.

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