Twists In The Coaching Search

After earlier reports were linking him to be the new coach of the Chicago Wolves, there have been new rumors that Kirk Muller will sign on with the Predators to be the new coach of the Milwaukee Admirals.

Nick Kypreos (who apparently is an ‘insider’ now) tweeted earlier on Saturday that…

“Kirk Muller ends his run with Canadiens. Word off draft floor is he’ll sign with Predators as new farm team coach in Milwaukee”

And then the Puck Daddy blog followed up with this tweet:

“Preds GM David Poile: Kirk Muller to AHL Milwaukee “not official” yet, says “we’re going to talk again.”

(SUNDAY UPDATE:  Bob McKenzie sends off this tweet: 

Expect NSH to announce tomorrow that Kirk Muller is the head coach of its AHL team in Milwaukee.

That’s lots of AHL announcements tomorrow)

Muller has been an assistant with the Habs for the last 5 seasons, after 1,349 regular season games as a player, and 127 playoff games.

This isn’t the first gig that he has been a candidate for this year, so we have the benefit of reviewing all of the coaching candidate profiles that have already been written over the last couple of months….to try and get an idea of what kind of coach Muller might be.

Defending Big D is the On The Forecheck equivalent of the Dallas Stars, and they wrote an endorsement in June, prior to Gully getting the job there.

Hockey Wilderness had this piece that included Q&A with a Habs blogger, which I think is my favorite of the profiles that I have found.  Here are a couple of cherry-picked quotes.

He’s coached  Montreal’s PK unit for several years now, both under Carbonneau and Martin.  He  was the only coach in the entire organization who was not fired after the  2008-09 disaster, and that’s including all the AHL coaches.

He’s played a bit of the ‘good cop’ role in Montreal under Martin.  Martin kept  him on staff from Carbo’s group because he wanted an ex-player on staff to be an  effective communicator to the team.  While Martin does the yelling about detail,  Muller is the positive reinforcement guy.  He’s often talking to players during  the games after they’ve made mistakes.

And here’s a bit from a New Jersey Devils blog……. and one cherry picked quote from there too.

“…he started becoming an NHL assistant after the lockout.  That’s key because he knows how the new NHL works.  He knows how to use the firepower up front to his best advantage.  The coaches we’ve had in the past few season hadn’t really adapted well to the new NHL right away.  Brent Sutter was the only exception but he went on to herd some cattle or something and ditched the Devils.  The Devils passed on guys like Guy Boucher, who I felt would’ve been a perfect addition, for more established coaches.  This gives them the chance to finally take that shot on an up and coming coach many people feel will excel at the next level. And Kirk has had young teams in Montreal and done very well with the them.  He knows how to connect with the youth, something that will be key in picking a new coach.”

So we’ll wait patiently for an official confirmation or denial…. but Roundtable, if this is true, do you give it the move…

“Thumbs up?”
“Thumbs down?”
“Ask me in April?”

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