New Preds Logos — What Do You Think?

From the Preds press release…

This week’s launch is the conclusion of a lengthy process which included fan focus group input, input from season ticket holders, meetings with the Reebok NHL design team, designed to showcase a more contemporary and aggressive look by streamlining the original logo with tweaks like shading on the teeth and adding a distinctive gold color band through the logo.

In addition to the team logo, the Preds also unveiled a new secondary logo designed to represent the Tennessee state flag and Nashville’s music city heritage. The guitar pick shape recognizes the Music City heritage and influence, while the three stars signify the East, Middle and Western parts of the state in similar shape and design as the state flag.

The wordmark and secondary NP mark were both updated to remain consistent with the new color scheme, look, feel and font treatments showcased in the logos.

Neato torpedo, eh?  What do you think?

6 thoughts on “New Preds Logos — What Do You Think?”

  1. I’m not crazy about the stars one. It lacks something. The NP is also kind of ordinary looking. I always liked the predator logo; a good fierce looking animal.

  2. There was nothing wrong with the Admirals’ old logo. Why change a good thing? :)

  3. Home Yellow sweaters are going to be almost blinding for Nashville. With only 18 regular season fights though, the new color makes sense. Not only do they have the guitar pick thing going on, the have 6 white ‘strings going through the numbers on the back, and piano keys on the ‘inside’ of the neckline. I’m assuming that is for the player wearing it to appreciate when they are getting sweatered during a fight. They away whites look much better as they got away from the weird white silver blue sleeve and incorporated the colors as stripes on the lower forearm instead.

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