Per David Poile, Cal O’Reilly Re-Signs With Preds

Our friends at the Section 303 blog made the trek to Las Vegas for the NHL awards show, where several folks in the Predators organization are nominated for awards.  Among them, David Poile is nominated for GM of the year.

Here’s something about David Poile — He is amazingly generous with his time.  Not only that, but he usually gives very thoughtful answers to whatever questions we send his way.  As a member of the media, that’s priceless.  I have had the good fortune to talk to him on several occasions, and have nothing but great things to say about the man.

Anyway…..back to the point….he gave an interview to the folks from Section 303, and he may have let a proverbial cat out of a proverbial bag a little bit early.

Read the full interview for sure…..but here’s the part that caught everyone’s eyes:

303: Please squash the rumor that, if you re-sign him, Marcel Goc is the so-called “replacement” for Matthew Lombardi.
DP: We’ve talked to Goc about a contract and we just re-signed Cal O’Reilly. I mean I think, in my own mind, if Lombardi came back, I could certainly see him more easily playing the wing than at center. I think this falls under “let’s get some quality over the quantity” and then we’ll figure it out. We’re short a top six forward so if we get Lombardi back maybe he starts on the fourth line and works his way up.

I haven’t seen any numbers for the contract, and the signing isn’t on yet….but mazel tov to the Preds, and mazel tov to Cal!

And mazel tov to Section 303.  Great interview.  That’s the kind stuff that John Glennon could only dream about.

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