Admirals Lose To Wolves


Finding themselves a bit shorthanded after the recalls of Blake Geoffrion and Matt Halischuk, the road-weary Admirals had a difficult time solving Drew MacIntyre, as the Chicago Wolves defeated the home team 2-1 on Dropkick Murphys night.

Anders Lindback picked up his first AHL loss, and had a hand in giving up the game winning goal, misplaying the puck behind the net while the Admirals were on a power play.

Despite the goof, Coach Lane Lambert was complimentary of his goalie after the game.

“I thought he made a ton of great saves.  He kept us in the game at the start when we were on the penalty kill.  I thought he played an outstanding game.  Those kinds of things happen once in awhile.   I thought our team played hard, I thought we battled, I thought we had more than enough opportunities to win the hockey game, and it didn’t work out for us.”

After a scoreless first period, former Admiral Mark Matheson was first to beat Lindback.  On a rush up the right wing, Fredrik Pettersson left a touch pass for Andre Deveaux, who left a touch pass for Matheson, who fired a shot from the top of the near circle that was perfectly placed in the top left corner of the net.  It was a perfect shot, and you have to tip your hat to “Mad Dog”.

With Squirrel Face (see the glossary) serving a high sticking penalty, Tim Miller met Lindback behind the net.  Lindback misplayed the puck, and Miller’s wrap around  made it a 2-0 lead.

With 1:43 left in the game, Mark Van Guilder deflected an Aaron Johnson shot from the far face-off dot, to give the Admirals some late hope.  But they couldn’t beat MacIntyre again.

Andreas Thuresson had a shot that bounced off the bottom of the crossbar and then straight down on top of the goal-line.  Close play, but the no-goal call looked to be the correct one.

Coach recognizes the tough part of the schedule, but isn’t interested in making it an excuse.

“We knew this was going to be a tough stretch for us playing 11 games in 15 nights.  Not a lot of rest and on our off-days we’ve been traveling.  So welcome to the American Hockey League!  There’s your incentive to play in the National Hockey League. “



Here’s how they started….

Thang – Hunter – Thuresson
Bourque – Mueller – Santorelli
Wilson – Van Guilder – Flynn
Shields – McLean – Bartlett

Hunter had been playing well lately, but I would rather not have seen Bartlett drawing the short straw and having to start with the 4th line of doom.

Admirals were awful early on winning face-offs, but got better towards the end of the game.  And I think they actually had a great game keeping pucks in at the offensive blue line, which we’re not really used to seeing.

See anything interesting about Shields or McLean tonight?

Klasen is still day-to-day with that upper-body injury.  But he’s very unlikely to play tomorrow in Rockford.

Which goalie do you want to see tomorrow in Rockford?  Lindback or Smith?  It would be Lindback’s fourth in five days.  But he’s here to get some work in.  What do you think?

Do you miss Jon Blum?

How long before Blake comes back from his promotional call-up to the big club?

12 thoughts on “Admirals Lose To Wolves”

  1. Another game used as fodder for griping.

    You can use the excuse of being tired from a long string of games and travel.
    You can use the excuse of having several ‘seasoned’ players being out.
    You can even use the excuse that the Ads are afraid of the big bad wolf.

    Unfortunately, we saw things tonight that we’ve seen all season. Lead feet, poor passing, turnovers, no one parked in front of the net, an absolutely powerless play, and so on. So it can’t just be that they were tired.

    Lindback- interesting. He had a decent night tonight. I put more blame on Josi than I do on Lindback on the shorthanded goal. Again, it was our defense waddling off to get the puck, and the opposition taking advantage by actually putting some speed on and passing our defensemen. This time it happened to be Josi, but he’s got a lot of company.

    Though I’m never crazy about a goalie who roams, I did like the fact that Lindback actually played the puck on several occasions, rather than just sit and wait for someone to come and get it, which is something we do with a regularity that only Ex-lax can produce.

    I agree with Ryan that our ability tonight to keep the puck in the offensive zone was better than it has been. But at the same time, we weren’t capable of driving the puck home, obviously.

    I think that I’d like to see Smith in goal in Rockford. In my opinion he has every bit the ability of Dex, maybe more. He’s got a good eye, and he appears to remain focused throughout the game.

    Mr. Blum……. How long can we leave him in Nashville? That may not be long enough. As of late, he’s had more holes in his defense than the goal net has.

    Still and all, I’m headed to Rockford for the game to cheer our boys on, and hopefully watch them beat the last placed team. Fingers are crossed.

  2. Milwaukee played okay. They were unlucky in hitting the post/crossbar 5 times by my count, or Drew was lucky. You have to finish to score and they missed the net an incredible amount of times, especially in the first period. The passing definitely stunk and the players made some poor choices on passing versus shooting a few times. They did pinch well tonight, the best that I have seen this season. The long pass to the far blue line didn’t work well, but it cut down on Chicago’s neutral zone trap.

    Both goals allowed came on mistakes by Admirals. The first goal had Bourque running into and knocking down the D-man. Matheson used their pile of bodies as a screen for his well placed shot. Lindback was hung out to dry on the second goal. Miller was on top of him with no Admiral in sight. He played the puck too slowly; a hard around would have been better! Chicago has the Ads number this season. Just hope that they don’t get the #4 or #5 spot in the division. I wouldn’t want to face them in the playoffs.

  3. Lots of puck-luck didn’t go our way tonight. A disappointing night, but I’ll let it slide. The Wolves can have the amtrak rivalry trophy, we are focused on more important things (like being a farm team for an NHL team) Hockey is a game of inches, and at least 3 times tonight those inches cost us goals.

    Anders was pretty good tonight, and it was exciting to see him in Milwaukee. The 2nd goal is entirely on him, and since its the game winning goal, it sucks….but other than that he was solid.

    I have a tip for the admirals. You know those old-school Shooter Tutor things? Can we build one for the Admirals that is just a goalie on his knees….with open space everywhere but his chest? Tons of great chances for shots, that we blasted right into Drew’s chest.

    No goal on Andreas’ shot was the right call. Maybe if he would have stopped celebrating hitting the post, he would have put the rebound in.

    Has Hunter really earned a shot on the first line? Is that what its come to?

    Shields and McLean provided some energy which was nice, but nothing too impressive. Shields had a couple real good energy shifts, which is what this team needs right now. Both guys are 40+ point guys in the ECHL/CHL this year, so it proves they can be offensive…might just take some time to learn to work together.

    I’d say give the start to Smith tomorrow. He’s proved his worth, and 100% Smith will be better than a tired Lindback.

  4. ridiculous that lindback is in the AHL to begin with. It seems all swedes get the short end of the stick here.

  5. Sune, I wouldn’t consider the AHL a demotion in Lindback’s case. Fact of the matter is Nashville has 3 goalies right now that are NHL caliber with Rinne, Lindback, Dekanich, and appear to have another in the near future in Smith, and SHOULD have another in Pickard. I think the Dex/Lindback swap was more of a showcasing for a possible trade. My question is who will be the one to go? We know damn well that both of them will not be in the Nashville organization next season. So, did they send Lindback down to showcase him for a trade or did they recall Dex to prove he can hang at that level? All I know is I’m damn happy Smith is playing the way he is, it will make it easier next season when he’s our #1.

  6. Mark if you’re theory is right I don’t think they are showcasing Dex because he hasn’t played in this last callup stint.

  7. I don’t see the demotion to the AHL being that big of a deal. Let Dex go up to the big show to open the door for the D, and let Anders get some starts down here to stay fresh for the playoff run. Simple as that.

  8. Sune — Lindback down here is probably temporary. And with Trotz riding Rinne pretty hard, you can’t argue that Lindback couldn’t use some regular work to keep sharp. I expect that him and Dex will be switched back fairly soon.

    See you in Rockford, Ouch….and whoever else is going.

    Pre-game meal at Beef-A-Roo!

  9. Ryan, I assume you wrote Beef-A-Roo whilst doing your best Scooby-Doo impression. Can’t pass the place without the car erupting in howls.

  10. Nashville, Tenn. (February 26, 2011) – Nashville Predators President of Hockey Operations/General Manager David Poile announced today that the club has assigned forward Wade Belak to Milwaukee (AHL).

    Belak, 34 (7/3/76), is scoreless with 18 penalty minutes in 15 games for the Predators in 2010-11. The 17-year pro has 33 points (8g-25a) and 1,263 penalty minutes in 549 NHL games, and 11 points (1g-10a) and 460 penalty minutes in 110 American Hockey League games since the 1994-95 campaign. In 1997, the Saskatoon, Sask., native helped the Hershey Bears win the 1997 Calder Cup.

  11. Incidentally…..after the nice game yesterday, Drew MacIntyre was called up to Atlanta.

    Ruh-roh……Operation Beef-a-roo is totally on for today. We do snicker every time we drive by it….time to figure out if the inside of the place is as awful as the name.

  12. Hey Ryan- I think you stole that nickname “mad dog” from me. Ha-ha. It’s crazy that Mark couldn’t put anything on the boards for us , but seems to doing well in Chicago. It’s still weird that he’s playing for the Wolves . Despite the loss, I’m happy for him . He was my favorite Ad player.

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