Wade Belak

Wade Belak is on his way to Milwaukee, after having cleared waivers.

I haven’t been able to confirm whether he’ll be in Rockford in time for tonight’s game, or even if he was in Rockford, whether he would dress right away.

From what I have read, Belak is a great locker room guy, and a fun guy to have around.

But he was dead weight on Predators roster.  It’s amazing to me that they didn’t part ways sooner, because it seems like such a waste giving a roster spot to someone like that — a guy who rarely plays, and when he does play, it’s only for a handful of minutes.  It’s like dressing eleven forwards, without the benefit of the 7th defenseman.

So here he comes to Milwaukee.

Do you think Lane will use him the same way Trotz did?

Do you think his locker room presence is enough to justify the roster spot?

For the people who have pined for a tough guy, is this just what the doctor ordered?

Do we need a tough guy?  They’re in first place right now, and got there without a tough guy.

3 thoughts on “Wade Belak”

  1. If you really think that last forward, like Bartlett or Hunter, and now those 2 other bums we signed can really produce that much, then no. But I don’t seem those guys adding enough. I think the presence of a guy would Belak would do much more for the club. (As long as has the right attitude and isn’t all Lundmarky).

    I, for one, cannot wait for the next home game and within minutes of telling a few buddies we had Belak, they all wanted to go the next game as well. Of course, with my luck, I’m sure Belak will be gone right away. Hopefully, I can at least get an autograph first.

  2. I don’t see why we wouldn’t play him. Granted he only had 8 goals in 549 NHL games, but he has to have some sort of offensive skill right? I realize he wasn’t really NHL calibur, but one would think the Admirals could use his experience or veteran leadership. Plus he’s supposedly great in the locker room. No reason not to play him.

    And it would be nice to have some sort of goon just so Fordo doesn’t have to keep getting his head bashed in. I’m sure Scott is hoping that Belak plays.

    Sending him to Milwaukee is punishment enough, I hate to go all Bad News Bears on it but….



  3. But, if he’s not in Rockford tonight, there is some serious thought that he may be just considering hanging it up. Which would be silly to me. Since he’s on a 1-way deal, why not come to Milwaukee and finish out the year.

    Or….do we have another quitter on our hands. (not that this would be nearly as bad as the previous situation)

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