Geoffrion & Halischuk Recalled

(Photo credit:  Scott Paulus.  And you probably don’t need me to tell you, but that isn’t Halischuk on the right….but instead, Team President Jon Greenberg.  Who is pretty badass in his own right!)

Aaron Sims confirmed during tonight’s pre-game show what had been rumored for a good chunk of today.

Blake Geoffrion is heading to Nashville.

Both Blake and Matt Halischuk have been recalled by the Preds.

And with the Alex Sulzer trade today, it paves the way for Jon Blum to have a lengthier stay with the big club – maybe for the rest of the season.

Linus Klasen is still out with an upper body injury, so this leaves quite the hole in the Admirals lineup.

They have called up Mike McLean (41) and Connor Shields (21), and those two are in Milwaukee and dressed tonight for the game.

McLean was pointless in six games with the Admirals last year, and had been playing with the Quad City Mallards this season with 16 goals and 25 assists.

After attending the Admirals training camp, Shields had been playing for Greenville of the ECHL, scoring 16 goals and 30 assists in 55 games.

No word yet on a 7th defenseman yet.

Ok Roundtable.  Of course we all wish Blake well.  But look me square in the monitor and tell me that Blake deserved this promotion.

10 thoughts on “Geoffrion & Halischuk Recalled”

  1. Good for Blake but don’t understand the move. Can’t see how 6 minutes of playing time will help his development. Even Blake has said he is not ready for the NHL yet. Don’t see why they didn’t take Mueller instead. Although Blum proved me wrong and is playing better there than he did here. Makes me a little scared what kind of trade they have coming up. Really think we are going to lose a prospect. Not leaving the Ads in good shape.

    Didn’t like the Sulzer move either.

  2. Sulzer move was fine. He’s an unrestricted free agent after this year and I doubt he’d be back in Nashville with the d prospects they have. It was most likely a move to free up a roster spot and salary.

  3. Yeah I got that just think he didn’t really get a shot here. Think he’s better than some others there. Hope he gets a legitimate shot to play there, he deserves it.

  4. The Preds made some bonehead moves this week IMO, trading Sulzer for practically nothing. Putting Svatos on waivers before they knew the satus of Goc and got nothing. Now I hear Belak is on waivers? Good chance they’ll lose him too…….for nothing. The Preds draft well but when it comes to player movement sometimes they get a dunce cap. I would’ve taken Mueller over Geoffrion.

  5. Its funny, but despite his penalty minute numbers, when I think toughness Wade Belak’s name just doesn’t come to mind.

  6. It’s hard to show toughness in the NHL with less than 3 minutes of ice time when you actually do dress haha. I would assume if he gets regular shifts in the AHL he can be a physical presence on the ice.

  7. Belak may report….but here’s the other thing. While we often talk about the lack of toughness….it’s still a first place team (currently), and they’ve been able to get there without the aid (?) of a super tough guy. If Trotz isn’t comfortable giving him any more than two minutes a game, I can’t imaging Lane would be.

    Good for Blake that he’s getting a chance. But my cynical side say it’s just to distract people from the fact that they haven’t scored in two games. Gives them something else to talk about. Sell some tickets until they make a real move.

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