Ads Finish 3-in-3 Stretch With Loss

The Admirals and Texas Stars were both playing their third game in three days, and it was the Stars who were able to hold on in the game, defeating the Admirals 2-1 Sunday evening.

Still, it was a good weekend for the Admirals, obtaining four out of a possible six points.  And despite the loss, they’ll still spend the night in first place.

“I thought both teams battled and battled in hard areas, and kicked and scratched for everything they got,” Coach Lambert said after the game.   “And the difference in the game was I thought they had a little more puck luck than we did.

“We took enough shots at the net and we generated enough opportunities, and it just wasn’t our night.  They did a good job blocking shots. “

Fatigue seemed to be a factor in the first goal for the Stars.  Blake Geoffrion turned the puck over at the offensive blue line with a pass to nobody, Brandon Segal skated right around Roman Josi to fire a shot on net, and Mathieu Tousignant snuck up behind Scott Ford to take a whack at the rebound that Mark Dekanich  seemed to have covered.  Instead, the puck dribbled past Dex.  There were a lot of ways that goal could have been avoided, but it gave the Stars the 1-0 lead.

Josi was flat-out beat on that play.  And I’m not used to writing that.

The Admirals answered back 6:26 later with a power play goal.  Matt Halischuk had a shot from the near face-off dot, and the rebound kicked perfectly to Jon Blum at the other face-off dot.  Blum’s shot beat Stars goaltender Tyler Beskorowany before he could get back into position.

The game winning goal came in the 2nd period, while Kelsey Wilson was serving a 4 minute high sticking penalty.  Sean Backman had a quick shot after coming out of the corner that changed direction.

“The second goal was scored off of our stick and through Dex’s arms, so it was a re-direction there that found the net.”

The Admirals had a late power play chance with 3:20 left in the game.  And while they weren’t able to get the equalizer, Coach has good things to say about the effort.

“I thought we had some decent looks and it was one of those situations where we took some shots and pucks didn’t go in the net.  On any other given night, one of those can find its way through.  I thought we controlled the puck pretty well, and I thought we showed good poise in that situation.”


Halischuk – Mueller – Bourque
Thang – Geoffrion – Thuresson
Wilson – Van Guilder – Bartlett
Flynn – Hunter – Lewis

Yep.  A couple of things should stand out there.  Grant Lewis played the first two periods as a forward, while Mark Santorelli was scratched for the third straight game.  Lewis went back to the point in the 3rd period.

And Linus Klasen is out with an upper-body injury.  The coach said he is considered day-to-day.  We’ll see if he makes the trip down south for the games this week.

That line takes on a whole new look with Thuresson instead of Klasen.

Roman Josi’s assist on the Admirals goal extended his point streak to 13 games.  It’s the longest active streak, and tied for the longest streak in the league all season.

Sutty’s tweet of the night:

adsroundtable Admirals Roundtable

That last goal was on the MOUNTAIN FURY POWER PLAY!!!!! the lucky fan sitting in section 441, row zz seat 22 just won a life time supply!!!

Keep an eye out for some actual Mountain Fury giveaways on twitter in the future.  Or at least until we get a letter from the Roundy’s company asking us to stop….

Questions for discussion:

Anyone seen Blake Geoffrion lately?  Anything since his four awesome games got him back-to-back player of the week honors?

Would you agree that Dex deserved a better fate?  Had some great saves in the 3rd to keep the game a one-goal game.

Thoughts on the Grant Lewis experiment?  Do you like him in lieu of Santorelli, or is ‘The Proof’ kind of getting the shaft?

13 thoughts on “Ads Finish 3-in-3 Stretch With Loss”

  1. I don’t know. Santorelli may have more natural talent, especially at forward, but he’s too soft. Nice to have somebody with a little more physicality in there.

  2. The positive for Lewis is he can switch back to defense. I don’t think Lewis was all that good tonight as a forward. In the second period particularly he seemed out of position a few times, especially in the neutral zone. He did say on the post game interview that it was somewhat of a surprise that he was assigned the forward role so I will cut him some slack. He said he’d need a few practices as forward to be more comfortable in that position. While I like Lewis, I’m not sold on him playing forward. I’d much rather just see the team run 7 defensemen in a 3-in-3 so as to not have our defense fatigued by the end of the game. Tonight we basically ran 7 d and 2 lines towards the end of the game playing catch up anyways.

    Bring on the FURY!!!!!

  3. The Grant Lewis thing? Ridiculious. I respect Lane a lot, but playing Lewis over Santorelli is just insane. I thought playing Hunter over Santo was a stretch, but to throw a couple defensemen (First Johnson, now Lewis) on a forward line and scratch Santorelli makes me scratch my head.

    Lane was right, Texas had the better puck luck tonight. Its fine though, if you would have told me on Thursday we would have won 2 out of 3 this weekend…I would have been happy. To do it without Dex for 2 games, and without Klasen for 1….even better.

    The Klasen stuff scares me. He’s such an offensive threat that sometimes 2-3 defenders stick to him, which leaves other guys wide open. And if he gets an open shot, we know he can bury it. He’ll definitely be missed and hopefully everything is alright.

    Blake has been about as effective as his bobblehead lately. Hopefully that turns around.

    We may be losing a d-man soon with Suter’s injury in Nashville. Who would we send? A lot of Nashville fans lean towards Blum, but they obviously haven’t seen him play lately. I think Josi would be my #1 pick, with Johnson close behind.

  4. Lane made two mistakes in this game. Number one was playing Lewis over Santo. Number two was much larger. He should have pulled Dex at the beginning of the power play with 4 minutes left in the game. The Admirals could have played 6 on 4. Instead, Lane waited until there were 22 seconds left in the powerplay to pull Dex.

    Did the AHL get the 4 officials from Footlocker? They blew offsides and icing calls several times and missed a too many men on the ice penalty on Texas in the third period. Linesman #60 was the worst offender. Two different Admirals went after him one time. They were so mad about an icing that was touched first by Milwaukee. Later, A Texas D-man jumped off the bench and played the puck. The other D-man was still 6 feet from the door at the time. Fortunus was a master at holding the stick, he was never called any of the times he did it. He even got a slashing penalty called on Halischuk who was trying to yank his stick free in the third period. What about Wilson getting his stick knocked out of his hands and into the goal? It may have cost the Admirals the tying goal. The puck went right by Kelsey and he could only kick at it.

  5. Do we have any word yet on why Santorelli’s still on the bench? Is it for sure because he hasn’t been very effective as of late, or is there something else going on?

  6. CreedFeed, did I say that the bad calls only went against the Admirals? Or did I suggest that the 4 zebras were borderline incompetant?

  7. adsfan, the only examples you gave of poor calls / missed calls was ones that would have benefitted the Admirals if they were made. You didn’t mention anywhere as to how they missed calls in Houston’s favor. Hence my comments. :)

  8. Obviously it has gotten personal between Lane and Mark. There were some comments made to Mark about his brother now lighting it up in the NHL with Florida and that Mike forced Nashville to either play him at the NHL level or trade him. They traded him and the trade isn’t looking to favorable now for Nashville. The obvious conclusion is that Lane is taking it out on Mark. Don’t get me wrong, Mark has lots to work on and his game still needs to develop but getting scratched in favor of a dman is just wrong. Mark and his agent have pleaded with Nashville to trade him, not for the dislike of the organization, but more from a fresh start perspective.

  9. Thanks for the insight, FiC. There’s obviously a lot that goes on behind closed doors that we’re not privy to, so thank you for sharing some of that.

    For what it’s worth, it sounded like his line with Flynn and Hunter was very good on Tuesday night.

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