Blum To Be Recalled?

Ah, the Interwebs…

There is a rumor going around on the HFBoards that Jon Blum has been recalled to the Predators.  Both Boullion and Suter are hurt, so a callup was probably imminent this week at some point.

I don’t like posting about rumors….I’d much rather be able to confirm them and go with that.

But I think it’s likely that the source is probably legit.

The guy spreading the rumor says he is from Blum’s hometown.  Word may have traveled pretty quickly.  Some of Blum’s other CA pals have been poor at keeping secrets in the past, and they have proven to be accurate after they leaked information on the HFBoards.

So we’ll see if there’s a press release tomorrow.

Blum has 8 goals and 26 assists in 54 games for the Admirals this season, and six of those goals were on the power play (including one Sunday evening).  But he has been prone to bad decisions on defense of late, often times being bailed out by his defensive partners and goaltender.

So Roundtable….if this is true, how do you see this playing out for Blummer?  Is he ready or is he going to get smushed?

15 thoughts on “Blum To Be Recalled?”

  1. His most frustrating trait is his failure to keep the puck in front of the blue line!!! I do like that he’s not afraid to take a shot once in a while, but yeah, I’m surprised they haven’t gone for Laakso (if this is confirmed). Anyways, best of luck to Blum!

  2. My feeling is josi or johnson would be better call ups right now…i think blum will be a fine defenseman in the nhl but I think the start of next year would be a better time for him given his defensive lapses at times. Johnson has the experience and roman josi because he reminds me a lot of suter himself

  3. I would have taken Laakso or Johnson. I doubt they will stick this callup on a line with Weber. So they need a more stay-at-home type guy on the bottom pairing. Johnson or Laakso fill that role more than Blum IMO.

    Congrats for Blum though if this is true! Hope he does well, he does deserve a shot.

  4. If Nashville takes Laakso, they have to take Dekanich, too. I don’t think you can break up the DexLaaks Defensive system. It gives opponents the poops.

  5. Maybe its time for Blum to stand in the headlights, of his oncoming career. It would certainly be an eye opener, if not a motivator for Young Blum. Hope he gets to dip his toe in a couple of games up there. Blum turns to the crowd and says “Hamhuis who”.

  6. I, too, definitely feel that Laakso or Johnson would be better replacements at this point for the Preds. I have this feeling, though, that Trotz doesn’t quite like Laakso as much as Lambert does and will probably want to try Blum or Josi at this point.

    Then again, considering Nashville’s place in the standings and the point difference to non-playoff teams… maybe now is not the right time to take a risk like giving Blum decent ice time.

  7. Looking like it is Blum and also taking Dex too. No official word yet, sure are keeping it a mystery. No reason yet why Dex too.

    I agree with Eg. I don’t think now is the time to try Blum. They do seem to not trust Laakso. I think he has been very solid. Maybe Blum will surprise but I’m gonna be holding my breath. Sounds like Suter may be back Thursday.

  8. Hmmm, since it sounded like Lindback may have recovered from whatever bug he had, maybe they’re going to switch out Dex and Lindback for a bit? Get Lindback some regular playing time and maybe reward Dex for being the man?

  9. I would LOVE to see Lindback here for awhile!! I do remember int the beginning of the season they talked of possibly doing that. Would make sense especially if they would think about trading a goalie. Someone mentioned earlier how deep we are in goalies. We also have Atte Engren from Finland who is supposed to be really good too.

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