Smith Shuts The Door On The Rivermen

You never quite know what you’re going to get against the Peoria Rivermen this season.

Tonight, it was a 24 save shutout for Jeremy Smith, as the Admirals defeated the Rivermen 3-0 Saturday night.

Kelsey Wilson and Ryan Reaves got their token fight out of the way two seconds into the game, and Reaves did a little of the hotdogging that Kelsey has become a bit notorious for.  So fair play there.

The Admirals were able to score first for the eighth time in nine games, as Kelsey Wilson put it home after Jake Allen didn’t make a clean save.  A Teemu Laakso shot deflected off a Riverman, and the redirection went through Allen’s legs, but not past the goalline.  Wilson finished the job.

Blake Geoffrion had a power play goal 2:50 later, redirecting a shot from the point by Roman Josi — who with that assist, extended his point streak to 12 games.  That’s the longest active streak in the league, and a game away from the longest streak all season.

No scoring in the second period, and the Admirals entered the third period with another multi-goal lead.  So how were they going to come out in the third?  They didn’t allow a shot on goal until there was 7:44 left in the game.

But the Rivermen compensated by getting 10 shots the rest of the way, and Smith stopped them all.  They even withstood a late penalty, killing off an Aaron Johnson cross-checking infraction.

2:10 after Johnson returned to the ice, Gabriel Bourque put the icing on the cake.  He scored on a snap shot from the bottom of the circle, after accepting a great pass from Chris Mueller that went between the legs of the defender.

The Rivermen didn’t even bother pulling Allen for the extra attacker in the waning moments of the game.


Mark ‘The Proof’ Santorelli and Grant Lewis were healthy scratches again.

The Ads haven’t given up a power play goal in the last four games.

Jeremy Smith is 7-1-0-1 in his last 9 decisions for the Admirals, including a pair of shutouts.  That run goes back to December 12th…so that says a couple of things.  A) He doesn’t play very much, and 2) He has been able to be focused and sharp when called upon.

I guess the question of the night is…..with two solid wins this weekend including shutout tonight, do you run Smith out there again tomorrow against Texas?

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  1. Oooh, can’t wait for the goalie controversy posts to start :)

    If it wasn’t a 3 in 3 weekend, i’d suggest starting Smith, but Dex should get the nod tomorrow. Smith has worked his butt off the last 2 games and carried this team. If the Admirals gave out a 7th man award like the Badgers do…….Smith would certainly get that award as there has been no drop off from Dex to him.

    To anyone who predicted the Ads would dominate Houston last night, and Peoria tonight…..can you give me some lottery numbers? This weekend has been a great surprise, and here’s hoping we don’t lay a turd tomorrow.

    Interesting to see that in the Western Conference both Manitoba and Milwaukee are tied for first with 4 and 5 games in hand.

    What does the proof need to do to crack the lineup? One would think he’s better than Dylan Hunter right?

    Didn’t see or hear any of the game, but I’m guessing all 3 goals were flukes tonight too Chris?

  2. I say go for it. If he looks shaky we can always pull him. He got the shutout, he deserves the next start. :)

  3. I think we’ll probably see The Proof back again tomorrow. With the 3-in-3, some fresh legs probably wouldn’t be the worst things. But I would have expected more from him than a goal and three assists since January 1.

  4. Curious to find out wtf happened at the end of the Wolves game tonight. Coach gets a game misconduct at the 20:00 mark and Deveaux is all Deveaux and gets a game misconduct for butt-ending.

    According to wolfkeeper, the officials were AWFUL. Aren’t they always awful when you lose?

  5. i should say according to the wolfkeeper forum… don’t see an official comment from the Grand WK himself yet. (But since he’s an off-ice official, i’m sure he won’t say much :P )

  6. Start Dex tomorrow for sure. Not a dig at Smith, he’s been awesome and deserves a much needed day off (which unfortunately will turn into a few days rest with Dex back now), but you don’t want him to come out gassed tomorrow, an early game even better, and get lit up early. I can only imagine how much of a hit his confidence would take if Lambert was forced to pull him mid game, and we need to keep him riding high for his next start.

    Was the Wilson-Reaves fight one sided? I heard Reaves won, but it was at least close? I can’t stand him! I still smile when I watch the Triston Grant fight with Reaves from last year when Grant wiped the floor with him.

  7. Santo on the trade block perhaps? He’s not a team favorite but his numbers show potential. Perhaps he’s a piece of a trade.

  8. Just an interesting observation… the Admirals have the fewest number of penalty minutes (709) in the league after tonight’s games! We also have the second fewest goals given up (132)!

  9. Creed,

    I noticed that about the goals given up. Looks like WBS is trying to runaway with the East, but Hershey is still looking to 3-peat. Is the rest of the east that soft, or is WBS/Hershey just that damn good? It would be nice if we could form our own opinions, but apparently nobody in the east wants to play nice with west teams.

    However, I am shocked about the PIM number you threw out there. You would think a team synonymous with “Yonking”, “Begin-ing”, and “Johnson’s Office”, we’d be a little higher in the rankings.

  10. The other thing the low penalty minutes could indicate is we have very few fighting majors? I didn’t look up the stats because it’s currently 2:18AM and I should be sleeping right now… I’m guessing we have fewer majors versus everyone in the league?!?

  11. If anyone needs something to do before the Admirals game this afternoon, turn on NBC… Hockey Day In America!

  12. Dex should get the start today, he needs the rest. i missed the first home game all year friday, (met up with an old friend hadnt seen in a long time) sounded like smith was great,! my friend and i went to the blackhawks game i represented the ads well with my franson jersey and got some puzzled looks and asked “what team is that there”? i saw that van guilder got his second goal in as many games disappointed that he couldnt get another vs peoria.
    lane should consider giving the fresh guys a start today i know historically the ads play like crap on sunday afternoons after playing two games prior, a few fresh legs may boost the spirits of the rest of the guys to get em through those long strecths in the 2nd and 3rd frames. Go ADS!!!!

  13. The Admrials had 35 fights before yesterday’s game. That has them second lowest in the league with Chicago (34). Texas also has 35 fighting majors.

    Overall, the West is very weak in terms of fighting.

    Other teams have a ton more fights such as Albany (82) Connecticut (89) as of the 18th. The average is probably about 60.

  14. I don’t even remember a single game misconduct this year, and I don’t recall that many 10-minute ones either. This team is pretty disciplined when it comes to avoiding ‘the magic word’ or overly dirty play, so that also helps keep the PIMs down.

    But we’ve still got a bunch of games in hand too.

  15. Wilson and Flinn both got their butts kicked tonight. Yet another example of what I’ve been saying all year. Our entire team got pushed around all game on Fri. night.

  16. Yablonski, did they get their butts kicked in getting hit or what are you talking about? They didnt fight tonight.

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