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Todd at published a post the other day about shootouts — more so, the personnel used in shootouts.  And he brings up some interesting statistics, and some interest points.  Definitely check out the story.

The one variable that I’d like to point out is that the NHL uses the best-of-3-round system, and the AHL uses best-of-5.  So there are more chances that Lane would use a defenseman simply because there are more shootout attempts each night.  Trotz has the leisure of only needing to select three, and maybe has some more matchup information that leads to his decisions.

Wednesday against Peoria, the Admirals sent out 1) Santorelli, 2) Klasen, 3) Mueller, 4) Josi, 5) Geoffrion, 6) Blum.

Santo and Klasen I think have been 1 and 2 all season (provided they’ve both been in uniform in the game).  So based on this current roster, who would you line up as your 3 through 7 shooters, and do you take position into account?

4 thoughts on “Shootouts”

  1. 3) Mueller
    4) Halischuk (assuming he’s in town)
    5) Thuresson
    6) Geoffrion
    7) Josi

    Josi is crafty enough with the puck that he defies Todd’s statement about defensemen not being good puck handlers, but I agree with him that we shouldn’t go to them unless necessary.

  2. Fun facts about Andreas Thuresson:

    He has only one shootout attempt this year and did not score. And went 0-for-last-season. (0 for 5)

    His last shootout goal was April 8th, 2009, in the next to last game of the regular season.

  3. Hey Ryan… thanks for mentioning my rant. I’m late to reply here, as I disconnected myself from anything Admirals for a few days after Friday night’s crap game.

    I thought of addressing the best-of-5 vs. the best-of-3 angle in my piece, but I wanted to focus on how Lane should be developing players for NHL shootouts. As I illustrated, defensemen play a very small role in Nashville’s shootouts.

    I dug up a box score of a game which boiled my blood years ago. The first three shooters were defensemen (Koistinen, Klein, and Yonkman!!). I had it in my head Lane was coaching that game, but it was Claude Noel’s team at the time. However, Lane was his assistant, so perhaps Claude let him pick the shooters.

    And yes, defensemen can score on a shootout. Josi isn’t a bad choice, but we should be seeing at least four forwards in the first five rounds.

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