Wheel! Of! Justice!

Suspensions and fines are in for the Pens/Isles game.

– 10 games for Goddard, for leaving the bench.
– Trevor Gillies got 9 games for the hit to the head, and subsequent punches, and probably his taunting from the tunnel too.
– Matt Martin got 4 games for starting stuff with Max Talbot.
– Islanders organizaiton fined $100k.

Glad to see the NHL didn’t waive any of Goddard’s automatic suspension like they have for his teammates in the past (cough Cup finals cough).  But in a lot of those cases, the coach also gets a suspension.

The Coach(es) of the team(s) whose player(s) (including goalkeepers) left the players’ bench(es) or penalty bench(es)during an altercation shall be suspended, pending a review by the Commissioner. The Coach(es) also will be fined a maximum of ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

The reasoning behind the $100k fine for the Islanders organizaiton was, per Colin Campbell, “The Islanders also must bear some responsibility for their failure to control their players.”

And Dan Bylsma doesn’t, apparently.

I think what Gillies got was about right.  Martin picked the fight with Talbot from behind him.  It wasn’t much of a punch though — nothing close to Todd Bertuzzi.  I suppose they’re suspending the principle behind it and what it sparked, and that’s fine.   But how does this play in open ice gets the same suspension as Matt Cooke earlier in the week?

I’m absolutely AMAZED the Michael Haley gets out of this with nothing.  Apparently, picking fights with goalies is okay after you finish a fight with another player.

Trying to be objective.  Just my thoughts.

Feel free to share yours.  And where do you stand on letting the players police themselves for previous cheap hits?

8 thoughts on “Wheel! Of! Justice!”

  1. If Chet or Jeremy Smith want my infinite respect, and a roaring crowd, they need to get into a fight. Dex gets a pass. We need more goalie fights.

  2. We almost saw Dex get into a fight in RFD last year or the year before, but Lane wouldn’t give him the green light

  3. I can see after a review why Bylsma wouldn’t be suspended but per the rules, he should be fined. If this wasn’t disclosed along with the rest of the punishments, fine but if he got nothing it’s completely bogus and I’ve lost all faith in the NHL. Why have rules then?

    Watching the video the Johnson/Haley fight isn’t all on Haley IMO. Johnson is almost to the blue line chatting him up as Haley is skating through the neutral zone. The Pens announcers liked to bitch about the zebras not controlling things. I’m no fan of zebras but 4 guys to cover 12 with all hell breaking loose? You can only do so much. The comment of the Isles being an embarressment to the league because of their record is an embarressment in itself. Hate the Pens announcers.

  4. Yeah, Johnson looked like he wanted in on the action. It takes two to tango.

    I like how they sent Fleury to serve Johnson’s penalty. Not every day you see a goalie in the penalty box.

  5. After one of the Wolves turned Dex into a snowman on Friday, he looked a bit chippy, as well. He definitely took a couple subtle jabs at some of the Wolves’ players. Nothing that could be considered fisticuffs, but Dex was off his game and I’m sure he would have been happy to take out some frustration on someone’s face.

  6. I am afraid that Haley needs a suspension (4 or 5 games) for his numerous infractions. He was involved in 3 fights in the game. He should have been ejected for that alone (1 game). Haley was in a fight that ended. He should have reported to the penalty box (1 game). Instead he skates down to the other end of the ice to fight Johnson (2 games). Skaters aren’t supposed to fight goalies unless the goalie starts the fight. It is an unwritten rule of hockey (maybe 1 game). Johnson did skate out to the slot, but he had all of his equipment still on. Haley went 150 feet to get to him.

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