Olde Time Hockey

Islanders 9
Penguins 3
346 penalty minutes.

I really can’t look at this objectively….anytime the Penguins get the snot beat out of them, I can’t help but enjoy that…but I’ll try.  One could make the argument that they were victims here, and one could make the argument that this was the players policing themselves after the last game the two teams played.  And one could make the argument that the Admirals could use a Michael Haley about now.

How would things have been different if “Cookie” had been in uniform?

Our friends at Ontheforecheck.com have the video of all the fights.

What’s your take on the circus from yesterday?

2 thoughts on “Olde Time Hockey”

  1. That’s how hockey should be played. Not all this European hockey junk.

    Oh, and get rid of the instigator Bettman!

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