Dex Benched, Ads Throttled

Coffee is for closers.

The Chicago Wolves will get their coffee tonight.

The Wolves put on a clinic of how to protect a lead in the 3rd period, scoring early and sticking with their gameplan regardless of the score.  They skate out of town with a 5-2 victory over the Admirals.

Here’s the coach.

Mark Dekanich was pulled after three less-than-stellar goals, and Jeremy Smith fared marginally better over the rest of the game.  While Peter Mannino wasn’t tested often, he made saves on all the shots he saw.  I phrase it that way because I don’t think he saw the two that got by him.

But the story here is that Dekanich played arguably his worst game of the season.

The Admirals DID score first again, as Aaron Johnson put a shot on net from the far point.  Lots of players were between Johnson and the goal, and we think it went off of somebody….but the puck went past Mannino, and they gave the goal to Johnson.

Forty seconds later, Darren Haydar capitalized on some strong work around the net from Andre Deveaux.  Unable to be knocked off the puck, Deveaux skated around the goal, and backhanded a pass/shot that Haydar put past Mark Dekanich.  Deveaux was a monster tonight, and consistently one of the best players on the ice.

In the second period, Fredrik Pettersson had a sweet deflection off a Jamie Sifers shot from another zipcode.  On some nights, it might have been called a deflection off of a high stick.  High stick or no high stick, it was a great deflection.  And it was from far enough out that I think Dex shouldn’t have looked so fooled/surprised.  Still, Coach Lambert laments that video replay isn’t a reality in this league yet.

The 3rd Wolves goal 1:34 later ended Dex’s night.  Tim Miller was on his knees and behind the goal line over the Time Warner Cable logo.  He put a shot on goal that somehow went in.

Coming out strong in the 3rd period, the Wolves needed just 1:44 to extend their lead.  Mark Matheson had a shot from the point that may have been deflected somewhere along the way, but it beat Smith. Wayne Larrivee would have called that “the dagger”.

Nigel Dawes had the Wolves 5th goal with a snipe from the near circle that beat Smith short-side.

Kelsey Wilson had a goal in garbage time with 3:55 left.  A shot from above the near face-off dot was released with some traffic in front of the net.

Lane talked last game about how they handed that game to Peoria, and how Peoria took the game from the Admirals.  You could say the same for the 3rd period tonight.  The Wolves kept their foot on the pedal, and the Admirals spent six minutes in the penalty box, really taking away any shot of sustained momentum.


Benn Olson was scratched in lieu of a 7th defender.

Only one fight in the night between Brett Palin and Spencer Machacek in a very physical game.

I hate to dwell on it but the numbers don’t lie. The Admirals are 0-1-0-0 after taking away the green and gold off the face off circles. Similarly, this is the worst loss by the Admirals since.  (the dude left the building at 3AM after cleaning that stuff up after last game!)

Ok Roundtable — let’s hear your disappointment.  And if you’re in the mood, find me a silver lining or a glass-is-half-full moment.

23 thoughts on “Dex Benched, Ads Throttled”

  1. Dex looked off right from warmups. He seemed off his routine. He didn’t see the puck well. Something was just off tonight with Dex even before the puck dropped. That carried through the game. Epic fail.

  2. With another whopping loss tonight, I think that I’d like to see some trades happen. Let’s see, what would be a good starting line….. Hoover, Oreck, and Dyson. The only line that sucks more than what we’ve got going on right now.

    We, as fans, were treated to a couple of games last week that showed what can happen when a bunch of guys actually start playing together as a team. All season long this team has struggled with lousy puck handling, horrible passing, inability to skate faster than slugs crawl, and just plain overall languor.

    Why is it that every team we’ve played has no problem with being one step behind us on a long shot or iced puck, yet we just can’t get the lead out. I watched tonight as one player on the Wolves kept two of our men busy, and prevented them from getting anything going. And we couldn’t even come close to doing the same to them. Why?

    And let’s not forget to thank referee Shaun Davis for a game half watched. Methinks he had his tolls paid by the Wolves tonight. Either that or he can’t see any color but white.

    I have to disagree with Ryan on his statement that this was a very physical game. I think Chicago played a very physical game while we were out chasing butterflys.

  3. the slogan for the team is “never say die” Right???? Not fall behind, get scared and play like crap! The fundamentals are being missed fighting along the board and scrapping is there were it was three games ago, blind passing and or poor passing in our own zone is back, and i know that these D-men werent here at the time but several of them these last two games have had Ville-itis- inability to hold the blue line.!! It’s irritating when we lose this bad to this team!!!
    oh a silver lining, hmmmmm lets see in the first ford did clip haydar in the head with his stick, thats always good to see…. better have a better effort sunday.

    Anyone feel that nashville gave up more than needed to get fisher? i dont know he just never excited me but maybe thats cause he played for the sens…..

  4. Our boys got pushed around again tonight. I would have liked to have seen olson play tonight. Why is he here if we’re not gonna see what he’s got?

    The main thing was we let our top guys, Geoffrion and Klasen take way too many big hits tonight. Teams are doing this way too much because we do not EVER make them answer for it. What would happen to our offense if we were to lose even one of those guys, due to a big hit? Yet, they each took more than one tonight. I thought maybe that’s why Olson was here, but now I dunno what the point is. I will tell you that it’s embarassing to watch though.

    Last point….wtf is Blum’s problem?

  5. Agreed with Ouch and disagree with Ryan… Chicago played physical and the Admirals tried but failed miserably. It seemed to me that the Admirals seemed intimidated by the Wolves tonight. They had bursts of energy but that’s it. They didn’t try to gain position in the middle of the ice. Chicago forced us to the boards and kept us there, and we made no physical attempts gain position.

    @frontrowjon – I said this in the other topic but I think Nashville basically gave up nothing for Fisher. The first round pick in the upcoming draft will be a deeper pick and the draft class isn’t really the best this year. And the conditional pick is a 2nd or 3rd rounder. They are already stocked with prospects, so one 1st rounder is nothing to them. In return they get a solid two way player for the next two years. Unfortunately it may suck for Cal ‘O though… he could be the odd man out?

  6. Forgot to add, this game reminded me of the series we lost the cup to Hershey. Size and physical play by Hershey dominated us, and the same thing applied tonight. :(

  7. The Nashville organization gave up nothing for Fisher. A couple picks down the road. It could have been FAR worse, and they could have asked for some of our current rising prospects instead.

    You wanna see a physical game? Check out the highlights from the Isles/Pens game tonight. In Milwaukee, all we saw was the Admirals being pushed around and not doing anything in return.

    Last 4 periods have certainly sucked, but look…..all in all, we are still in a very good position to make a run. This is by no means a SKY IS FALLING moment. Once Fisher gets to Nashville, we’ll see Halischuk sent back down and the Mueller/Halischuk/Bourque line will be golden, as will the Klasen and Geoffrion line. Teams won’t be able to use their best defensive line against both…and it’ll open up for 1 or the other. Hell, then if anyone gets healthy in Nashville, they could send Spaling down as well. I’ll take that lineup with the games in hand we have against anyone.

  8. I personally liked Hunter, if Olson is here for some toughness he’s not gonna do much riding the pine. I’d rather have Hunter.

  9. just if anyone cares but it looks as though james “six-gun” sixsmith is doing ok thus far for the cologne sharks 3goals 6assists and 28pim not bad, miss seeing on the ice for us……

  10. The game was tucking ferrible! I was incredibly bored the last ohhhh 50 mins or so of the game. Why will nobody shoot on the damn power play? If we were awarded points for passing, we would be undefeated. I understand not just throwing a bunch of junk at the net, but everybody is pass-first out there, no matter how wide open a lane they have. It looks like 5 Cal O’Reillys out there.

  11. I disagree with Ryan too. He should have written that paragraph better. Hell… why even bring up the fight? Pretty inconsequential stuff.

    Anyone else notice that Jason Krog (Squirrel-face, if you recall) was playing with a 3rd or 4th line tonight? Captain must be in the dog house…..

    I’ll echo the WTF for Blum.

  12. I agree with MiB, the sky is not falling. Hopefully they got it out of their system and got a good chewing out from Lane and will come out strong Sunday, hopefully with Halischuck. Getting Spaling back would be a dream and it is looking possible now.

    5 Kleins would be horrible!! So would 5 Blums for that matter. But I would take 5 O’Reilly’s anyday.

  13. Ok ill finish what Ryan was hinting at in his comment… I wrote that sentence regarding physical play. I will defend it right meow….
    One cannot deny that the game was in fact physical. Just because the Admirals were unable to answer the call to the physicality does not take away from the physical-ness of the game… physical. If you recall, right from the onset the teams were putting (finishing) the checks on, getting into scrums around the net and slowing down offensive opportunities, and to me that would infer physical play. This is of course contrary to what we are used to seeing from the admirals which is a little more of an open ice style of play (save for goals) with fast break outs and lots of passing. So, just because the Admirals didn’t answer the call does not mean it wasn’t there.
    With that being said, I would have to agree with most of you as it pertains to Benn Olson. Why bring him up if you are not going to use him or at least test him in a game. The only thing I can guess is that his practices have been, oh to put it nicely, below par. The reason I say that is why wouldn’t coach put him in especially against a team like Chicago. Let’s face it, if you had a party and knew a lot of Chicago people were coming, wouldn’t you hire a bouncer or two?

  14. Let’s be honest: if your name has 3 letters in it, and your mom can’t even spell that right, what chance do you have in life? Benn “the extra n is for nothing” Olson was doomed from the go.

  15. OK, I’ll backpedal (a bit) and agree to Sutty’s point about physical play. My point about physical play is that this team, from the get-go, hasn’t had a taste for fresh blood. There is a time for smooth moves, and a time for pinning someone against the boards with the force of a freight train. We saw that in the Peoria game, from Peoria, and the result was… a pile of Wonder-Blum laying on the ice, Ford skating off the ice holding his hand, and Van Guilder scampering off as well. Good responses to physical play. And I might add that it’s taken our illustrious captain 51 games to find his chutzpa.

    Last night’s game showed the same dump-and-run crap that doesn’t work, especially when the opposition is getting to the puck first time after time. Last night was like watching ‘Groundhog Day’. The same dump, the same corner, the same nobody there. Over and over again. If the goal is on the centerline of the rink, why do we constantly put ourselves on the boards? It’s one thing to be moved there, another to volunteer.

    The Mueller-Halischuk-Bourque line produced. They actually had plays. They executed those plays. They scored on those plays. Granted, not every time, but they set their aim at the goal. Last night, Mueller and Bourque couldn’t get any traction, and they played more defensively than offensively. Not going to score like that.

  16. Anyone else agree that Grant Lewis seemed to have the most energy and physicality last night? (besides Palin’s fight)

  17. I’m going to disagree with Ouch a little bit about the “dump-and-run crap”. While it isn’t the most exciting hockey to watch, I think it did a nice job neutralizing the fast paced game that Chicago likes to play. We should have won more of those battles in the corners, and we have to credit Chicago that we didn’t. Getting the puck deep goes a long way in preventing odd-man rushes the other way. We usually see a couple of breakaways off of turnovers at the blue line against the Wolves.

    I think the gameplan was sound; I think the execution left a lot to be desired.

  18. Agreed with Ryan. Sometimes dump-and-run play is necessary, depending on the type of opponent you’re playing. If you heard Aaron Sims’ keys to the game, one of the keys was to play deep.

  19. I’m not claiming that dump and run is a worthless tactic. It certainly has its uses. But when it’s used to excess, and doesn’t result in our being able to keep the puck in the offensive zone, it’s not much more than a time taker. Now, if you are up by 5 and the only thing you want to do is bleed time off the clock, dump away. Need a line change, dump away. But when you are down in points, and trying to overcome an opponent who has your number, maybe it’s better to have some sort of plan in mind, and actually be able to execute it rather than throw the puck into the air and take a chance that things will work out in your favor. And let’s not forget that we lost the game 5-2 using the magical dump and run, and both of our goals were scored from nearer the blue line than deep.

    And as for key to the game- playing deep, whether mentioned or not, is always a key to the game. That’s where the goal is. I’d like to hear keep the puck in possession while playing deep as a key.

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